The Call Compels the Answer~The Mean One

i could spend hours of my life trying to make the perfect video (like that’ll ever happen). then i watched my daughter.  she just makes her vids, uploads before the camera stops rolling.  moving along all carefree and without apology. she’s my hero. i can only hope to equal that kind of bravado.

the call: so dear lord how do i deal with this new melodrama? did i err in my adamant attitude? i know i let my attention rest upon the condition too long but not  so long as my normal pattern. so then do tell me what it is that you know that i must know?  become now the power the sustains the outer self thru the battles that aim to wound. do thou guard all that i am against what would scar me to the bone once more. i am your servant. speak now thy command. may your indestructible will become now my own…
the answer:  it is tragic comedy to watch the sparring of one with the other. do you not know better than to react to his ignorance? what of thy vow of silence? tis ‘half-ass at best’ would be the student’s remark if he truly understood the value of your discipline. is it not your job to give assistance as he requires? are you not becoming too involved with the personality? how many times must they draw your blood before your learn to be wholly indifferent to that which does not concern your directive. i know it is tough out there but imagine how tough it would be had you been led into what he has known-so lost in ignorance as to hold hatred the only defense. be compassionate. remember. he is your responsibility not your friend. be thou the full power of the great command. give all unto the elohim within this man of god who has no memory of his own light as you have seen shining through him already. let your love for life be the guide in the midst of  this turmoil. what is there in this  argument but another war? war is death. will you be but the bitch of hell again? this is the  last day of good standing. be only that I AM unto all. even so unto war-for there I AM also.

freedom is assured


The Call Compels the Answer~The Purpose to Be

i hesitate to share this video as i am beginning a new phase of experimentation. i’m always afraid of looking like the idiot of the decade. so i guess that’s why i need to post it. down with the ego already

the call: i can’t remember the last time i felt truly happy. only in the memories of your grace divine so perfectly timed to the rhythm of all creation did i feel the kind of joy that is all-prevalent. i really don’t understand how this could happen when thou art so close to me in constant ministry. you have never, not even once, left me forsaken. so how did i get so lost and stuck in a rut of never-ending turmoil? could it, should it, would it have been better for me if i had never become so broken and desolate? was there truly a purpose to all of this?
the answer: do you want to know the truth or do you seek an answer just for the sake of comfort? would you have me as I AM or would you become the death of another through your lack of devotion to the cause? there can be no in between in the war zone. this is where all things come together by the power flame of the great command. it is your job to fix the cause of division. have you not seen how the powers of darkness work to drive between those who would, when left to the feeling of their own hearts, be willing to cooperate. do you not think it odd that the world has fallen apart by lack  of cooperation when you know full well that most people would do what is right but for the influence of those forces of which humanity knows very little? why do you think you have this knowledge if not to use it to lessen the weight of others? have you used that knowledge as much as you could have used it under all circumstances? do you consider your past performance the best of your heart can offer unto others? therein lies the reason for your lost state of being. all things are as you would have them to be by thy authority as co-creator. there is no wrong in what you have learned by the choices you have made no matter how far you have wandered from the original plan. the only wrong you have committed is forgetting to use what you have learned. may you know me as i know you. may your heart become forever true as you wish the hearts of others to be towards you. may all the world be your place of service henceforth. may you never forget your purpose.


The Call Compels the Answer~Know Me As I AM

the call: all my life i have sought a way by which to forge an indestructible connection between myself and the great presence of life which thou art. yet so often in the past and even now there are times when i get lost in the maya again. caught without, running full out distracted by the little baubles that this world offers as the best of its treasures. i have come to realize that the only home i have in this world is in your heart of pure love that never fails to be for me everything i have ever desired or needed. bar none. show me then how i may please thee according to thy will unfolded in this world. what would you have of me this day? what would you have of me always? speak to me of thy holy intent that i may become all that you wish of me in all ways sustained by your love.

the answer: “when you serve me i love you. when you love me i serve you”

do you remember these words that i did speak to thee last summer? do you understand why i inscribed these words upon thy conscious awareness.  they are the full truth of what we are to each other. we have never been separated but by thy lack of direction equal to the intent of the source. one must never abandon the great cause of love. intent for one’s self alone is not enough to fulfill that cause. every choice you make must bring a blessing to all or it becomes separate from the ONE CAUSE. this cause is your reason for existence. if every person on this planet governed themselves by this criteria there would never again be bloodshed, sorrow, or injustice. I AM the cause of divine love and i  wish to become manifest through the children of  my heart. I AM the force of life becomes manifest by love and power intertwined and governed by wisdom. I AM the infinite. I AM the presence of divine love that never ends no matter how far away from the light thou hast wandered in search of thine own pleasure. is this not the kind of love worth becoming?

this is the only thing i really love to do all times 4 life

Source of Inspiration

Prayer is a way of being.
When we connect with the Divine, we are in prayer.
Go within and open any time, anywhere.
Prayer is a way of being.
Be in a state of prayer in all that you do.
Prayer is serenity in the midst of a storm.
Prayer is a way of being.
When we connect with the Divine, we are in prayer.



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The Call Compels the Answer~Forgiveness I AM

It Begins
the call: by god within, by god that I AM, i refuse acceptance of this bullshit. this war has gone on since before i was born. war within the mothers. war against the fathers. war against those of us who are the children of she-a ruler ruled by satan. the unforgiven. this unforgiveness is the cause of war. war is death. fuck that shit. fuck it straight into hell and back again. may god have mercy on those who have been wrongly persecuted. may the arkangel Michael drive his blade right through this shit. right into the heart of the bitch who clings to vengeance. yea, even so, we will not serve up suffering like unto those who have been the accuser. for we bring freedom from pain. freedom from suffering. freedom from hell. in christ  jesus name, so be it. do thou Father, give me your orders. how do i go forth and stop this war? speak to me. dear god, do thou speak to me now…
the answer: be at peace and understand who I AM. nothing in this world can take your freedom. be thou comforted by your recent advancement. do not however take it for granted. this is that which i did warn thee of. take heed and listen well, my child. take heart in the knowledge that this is but a blustering appearance. it will subside and disappear as quickly as you ignore it. yet do thou take the stand. take your stand even now. send forth a legion, a legion of fire is at your command. call for the power of the great command to be thy champion and take hold of thy sword. the flaming sword of divine justice. do thou strike with the heart of an innocent child that seeks only to release fear from its bondage. take no heated discussion but draw thou deep within. be thou silent. heed well my warning: BE SILENT. let them war upon each other while thou dost consume the shadows that follow. be on it like a tyrant ready to grab every throat yet let not the throat be human. grapple only the force that has been unleashed like a whirlwind of demons. stand with the arkangel and call thy presence of fiery christ love into thy tongue. be the authority that speaks when speak you must. heed me, dear one. wear your suit of armor made of the rarest gold spun only from the elohim of silence. bear well the torch of forgiveness that never bows to the will of hatred. be the authority that sets all life free. free without limit. you are given my blessing. use it for your children’s children even unto the last one ever born into this world. you are free now so be free. you have come to resurrect hell. do so then with honor.
the call: how may i ever repay thee for the gift thou hast given? there is but one way. and really there is one way only…by thy love shall i serve without thought of what i must do other than to honor thy word. what is there to lose when all else is done, used, futile and broken? this is the hour of remembrance. the hour when i remember who I AM. this is the hour when i take your hand and hold on until it is done. yea, even farther, thereafter and forever let us never be parted in word, deed, or action. haelrazor bows to no one but God alone-the great I AM ALL-ONE forevermore I AM that yes I AM. in thy name may thy will be done in the one mighty stroke of the great command of love.

Every Knight Brings the Dawn


Status Quo

the light of god never fails. it never has and it never will. in christ jesus name it is finished. yee-haw!

Source of Inspiration

Summon your courage to challenge the status quo.
Move to a new level of consciousness.
Overcome obstacles, heal divisions, embrace unity.
Summon your courage to challenge status quo.
Do not accept the unacceptable.
Join hands to create a new world.
Summon your courage to challenge status quo.
Move to a new level of consciousness.

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The Call Compels the Answer: Day 3

what do you want?
the call: there is nothing for me here. it’s just like you said. i need you now more than ever. i need your love. i need your counsel. my heart is no longer beating. not really. because i am already gone. tell me then what must i do to win this war? how do i survive and keep my balance throughout until the end of the trial?
the answer: be only what I AM. be that alone. do not bow thy head to the assertions of those whom you serve. be firm with this, child. the student will come to the stand as your witness only after you have sacrificed your need of him. what would you have when no one will be there to serve thee as you have served others? would you be their puppet another lifetime? is that your reward? be not the mother’s daughter. be instead my son. throw away the doubts that make thee fear my power to step through the veil. let go of your need to be loved by this world. speak not a word that has no place in the halls that contain the records of that which never ends. be free from death by living again. you have no friends save those who guard thee yet you have opportunity to be a friend onto all. covet not what you give.
the call: i’m not sure i can truly reconcile myself to this. i know my time is limited. i want nothing but to be free again so that must i give. be thou the full understanding i require. be thou all unto all within me. all else i release. i give free will my leave. show me how to please thee and make me please thee somehow. i am ready to leave this world but will do thy will.
the answer: can you not be at peace then? can you do this for me? would you break my heart by giving up when you have breached the last wall unbeknownst to yourself. be heartened, haelrazor, be heartened by love. be what you came here to be. that is the answer to every problem you have struggled against. cease now to struggle. do not struggle against hell. accept it as the depth of thy being that can never be removed from itself. you created this monster. it is your child. do not forsake the ugliness that tells who you are when left to be undone by another’s device. do you know who you have allowed to rule your world? where did they take you when you opened the door?
the call: the message is conflicting. i can’t get it clear. tell me in words than can never be mistaken, forgotten, or forsaken. of thee i ask this with all that I AM. you are my whole knowing and without that wholly within me i am nothing.
the answer: let go then and listen. listen and be firm against the fear of opinion. you can save no one by what you design separate from the giver of what you design. give unto the father his due that all might be brought forth aligned. nothing ever comes from thee but what comes from me first. even your sins must be sanctioned before your birth. so what did you think when you thought to remove me from your creation? you have no legs to stand on without the will of the father who gave you the sight to know that I AM. no thing comes to pass without me and no thing remains without gratitude for the gift. you became lost by not showing gratitude for being able to sin. the sin was never the issue. only the attitude towards the father. you see this is your fate by your own will which is naught but the father. you can do as you wish so long as honor is given unto the source by recognition of origin. you were not condemned by the act of the sin. you were condemned when you ran away so that you could hide the sin from the giver. place the sin and it’s cause upon the father’s shoulder and become the father’s child once more. you see then how you have all power when you separate not what is given from the giver. be open to no one that is not the father’s strong arm by this order: surrender unto the maker his own creation. satan belongs beside me from within thee for i created you as one to understand how to be of greater value than i was when you were not in existence. see then how my love never ends. forsake not thy sins. forsake separating the atom from the components of itself by the force that says i am not apart of what I AM. you opened the door to those who had no honor in the father’s reward by taking from the father the gratitude that is the requirement of being allowed to sin. gratitude is the price of free will. you trusted those who lived by nothing so nothing was your reward. you have reached the outer limits because i sent you to be that which i would be for myself save the wisdom that keeps me in check. you are my imbalance manifest to find the wisdom which comes from experience. the hour has struck. it is time to come home. follow the law of gratitude without sorrow for the reward is ours. we have won the war by letting go of nothing and becoming all-one. this is the answer you have been seeking from the beginning. take my hand. together we will love the world.
the call: i am so grateful to thee to have been created as this which i have always feared. now i know that what i have been has been manifest by your will alone. i am so grateful to have myself back again. unto you i return all i have ever been. therefore i will be the gratitude you seek. i will seek also to fulfill the plan of creation that was perfect in all ways even unto the deepest depths of all sin. let it be written: we have found that nothing is wrong when we remember who created all that we have ever been. from the beginning comes the end. yea, even unto the depths of hell wherein lies what the father loves most of all-the child who has learned to be grateful for the father even as the father is grateful for the son-grateful for the son who became satan.  o’bringer of understanding-we are one. for this i am grateful. for this i was born. gratitude is my defense against death in the hour when we meet again. i am grateful for this, yes I AM. i am grateful to live. i am grateful for every sin in creation. it is the greatest gift ever given. gratitude is surrender. gratitude is obedience. gratitude completes me. for this i am grateful. yes I AM. by your will my father i exist to give you what you need to be free. that I AM.

forsake me not


The Call Compels the Answer: Day 2

sunshine of my love
the call: what is it that keeps pulling me off track in regards to my mindful speech? why does it seem impossible?
the answer: examine closely thy use of words and what they are in contrast to your service to the light. therein lies the answer. your willingness to serve is undermined by desire contrary to love’s cause. be at peace and look deeply. see the truth that is revealed and dwell upon it constant. do so now. dwell until the answer is unveiled.
the call: my use of words is based on a desire for acknowledgment.
the answer:  you desire recognition as an entity separate from the one cause. the cause of love that is all of itself unto all yet lacks nothing of itself by not wanting for itself what is fleeting.
the call: I can see yet I see not naught but the void. this place is so empty. why must I dwell here?
the answer: dwell not in the darkness but look to the light wherein lies your identity. this is the dwelling of thy truth without counsel from your ego.
the callthere is no compromise in this other self, this higher self of mine. it will not bend to fit in and it is not such as this world would have for their own.
the answer: and thus should thou be also. no word should pass by the lips but that they reflect the son of god within, unblemished by personal intention. bereft of all thought but that which blesses all. measure each phrase by this and know mastery over ego.
the call: how do I govern this anger that arises from dealing with the personalities?
the answer: turn first from the cause, the appearance and the personality concerned. let the attention be upon the presence of life and it’s purifying love that conquers all. be adamant against indignant speech or reckless feeling. take hold of yourself as you would a tyrant. silence your mind and dwell within for the answer that will reveal what the outward motion must unfold. be firm with personalities that they are not given authority to dictate thy direction. be indifferent-unmoved by their intent. be the cause of love that serves all yet accepts no master but the one god. do not yield what is your truth unto those who oppose thy heart. be without fear or expression of arrogance.
the call: will i succeed this time? do i truly have the strength?
the answer: if you are willing to do serve we will give you what you require but you must not become as they are to win their approval. if you do so wreckage will be the result. would you have this lesson again? would you be the victim of your own foolishness after you have recovered from death? there is no further path to mark, child. be thou satisfied with your success. do not test this path again.
the call: well how in god’s almighty name do i prevent that part of myself that seems possessed with this penchant for screw-ups?
the answer: take the time to see who is it that has led thee astray and why? that is the question of the ages. the answer is your salvation. your answer will bring victory to all those you contact. take the time to consider full well the marked knowledge of your heart. you may find more than you dream possible. do not tarry. be quick as an arrow straight to the heart of the mark you seek. be silent with those you contact yet be the stride of balance. love without cessation all life you contact. this is thy station. do not leave it empty again. no more experiments without just examination before the council. your hope is our hope also. be thou the promise. back to bone

the rite of spring begins: let go

i will never fit in here
i guess i should be grateful for that
if i let go will i ever feel accepted?
am i beyond caring?
will you ever know me?
does it matter?
why would you want to know me?
i am not so special when studied up close
so what of it?
i’m in good company
i am alone

The Call Compels the Answer: Day 1

accept me as I AM
the call: is my lack of mindful speech once again the culprit that allowed this to arise or is it all a part of my training and lesson to be mastered?
the answer: you must be mindful of all emotions which circulate through the feeling world. it was not the words which allowed but rather the feeling. the feeling is governed by being mindful of that which issues from the mouth. never should a word be spoken until you have mastered the feeling which does propel it. watch the feelings and their response to another’s words or actions. watch how your feelings fluctuate even while seeing people on the street. to govern the speech is the surest way of taming the feelings for oft the feelings govern the speech.
the call: how shall i handle this situation especially when questions or opinions are posed which are relative to my personal business?
the answer: do you answer this person out of fear or respect? do you respect him when he crosses boundaries which you would not cross? why tolerate this? you have a choice. do not fear reprisal for that was your weakness the last time. have no fear but make not war. simply state your case and leave it at that.
the call: what ground work do i need to lay in preparation?
the answer: do not consider this to be a conflict. this is a purification. you have full authority to qualify what you say with all-purifying love. do not feel pushed into early exchange or defensive response. he will wait to learn what you have to teach. if your lesson is wanting then you shall have an uprising. take your time. be at peace. if his response appears to be negative draw within. if his response appears to be positive be warned for that is cause to draw within even farther for in this instance thou would be caught off guard more quickly than at any other juncture. be fearless. you have already faced death. he is not so much to handle.
the call: what is the most important thing for me to do at all times and what will provide the most effective relief?
the answer: are you truly willing to heed my words?
the call: yes i am. yes. i am willing. yes i am.
the answer: let go. i see you do not favor this response for it is your victory and by so heeding you will be free from sorrow. the forces which hold thee tighten their grip for fear of loosing their feast. you have nothing to fear. let go of needing what people give for it is not enough to sustain thee. your life depends on your willingness to serve. listening to others has brought you to nothing but defeat. let go of the ego that cares what others think of thee. your mother. your father. your son. your daughter. your friends. your enemies. your ego.
the call: how? how do i do that? i just don’t know how…show me. tell me. help me. please. help me…
the answer: then love me as much as you seek their love. look to me as much as you look to them for comfort. trust me as much as you reach outward for hope. take my hand and give unto me what you have given to the world. be fearless in your pursuit. if you are questioned take your stand that very instant…answer with the truth. look within for the answer. find your voice. speak not without intent qualified before the energy is released. let go of your ego that screams for attention. have you not tried all else?
so we meet again

Symphony of Science – ‘We Are All Connected’ (ft. Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye)

suddenly i’m dialing into something quite different
i wonder where this will go and how i will end up
do you, dear God, think that i will make it this time?
will i have the strength to carry on to the finish line?
you tell me that i’m strong
you tell me i’ve been down this road before
why did i choose to come back & repeat the lesson?
it was an experiment you say?
who’s brilliant idea was that?
may i ask?
no, no, that cannot be!
not even i would be
that kind of

The Wind Cries…Freedom

how do i let go?
how do i move on?
how do i do what’s never been done?
by doing only what needs to be done.
by never again wanting anything from anyone.
by letting go of seeking a family that comforts.
by letting go of feeling rejected.
by proving undeniably the truth of all i see…
to be given unto those i love keeping naught for me.
by breaking the bitch into what she must become…
by giving all that is earned unto those i love.
how do i let go?
how do i move on?
will i ever know peace again?
let the world have peace instead.
what is this that i dream?
a world of infinite freedom.
does this place really exist?
’tis the heart realm of all creation.
what is this vision?
the truth behind the reason.
why do i feel so different from the rest?
i have no home on this planet.
am i ceasing to exist?
to this i am wholly indifferent.
i will never ask for this cup to pass.
you already know my answer.
this is all i was ever meant to be.
can you hear it?
the wind cries like a banshee
this is the rite of spring
i am ready
am i?
Cry Freeddom

Ain’t It All Just Grand?!?

Joy is of the Saints

at least i still have my sense of humor

nobody knows just how much i need it

without my sense of humor i would have gone wacko

you think i’m wacko already don’t you???

well i promise i won’t disappoint ya’ll

just warming up for the big one

it’s time to rock n roll

are you ready?

after this

the big bang

will look like

a hiccup


just too much fun



For the Love of Us

for most of my life my heart has been broken

broken by those who deemed themselves better

better than what?

better than HaelRazor?

well, duh! dum dum!

that wouldn’t take much, now would it?

but have you the power of forgiveness?

do you have the eye to see

how to do for me

what i have done for you?

can you see me like i see you?

oh no you don’t altho in time you will

for unto you i will give the impossible

but to do that i must say adieu  

though not forever

yes i must

 must be alone

to be all-one

 become whole again

armored by the strength

that loves without losing itself

to the demands of your war

against the freedom

to be just me

as i am




I Will Always Love You


The Cynic Within Forgives Again

here I sit among the people…
I must learn to love them all over again…
I used to love everyone.
it was easy because I could always see the good within all people in spite of their human qualities…
then I went thru an experience that was like unto a near fatal head-on collision…
it happened, yes it did, within the unseen realm of my mind, heart, and soul.
I remember having a vision of the wreck just days before it came to pass…
I was standing on a railroad track…then the train plowed me down…
I could see my body come apart at every seam…
torn to pieces, just like the pieces of frankenstein’s creature…
the destruction was horrific-the very epitome of cataclysm…
no one really saw just how great the depth of damage
so much damage was executed upon this foolish servant
it took three years to reverse the devastation…
tho i took the fall, there were others involved
whose self-righteousness and karma I elected to purify
 a worthy trade for the salvation of my own life…
but now it’s hard for me to deal with people because I see how cruel they can be in comparison to how I deal with them…
I do unto others as I would have them do unto me but there is very little return from those whom I continually pardon.
yeah, yeah, i know that’s not the point, now is it???
it’s not their fault that I gave too much,
it’s not their fault that I opened up my heart…
it’s my fault and my fault alone…
by taking responsibility i became endowed with power to overcome…
even tho I was compelled to watch my world burn as i came close to death…
closer than breath is held close within the lungs-you’d better believe it.
finally now the cycle of damnation is come to its fulfillment…
a contingency plan that has become the cosmic fiery christ great command…
yet even still too much scar tissue remains in here…
nevertheless that’s easy to fix for the fire of creation is already regenerating the ashes of what was once a beating heart.
 I have to be willing to change my way of dealing with people by sticking hard and fast to my covenant with the elohim, lord maitreya and the great chohan.
the right speech of the buddha will set the tone for the next stretch…
buddha remains unsurpassed as the lord of balance…
for by his noble truths he held steadfast even in the midst of hell.
now I will be able to love people again with a love that never ends…
I will be for them the constant heart of indestructible love, forgiveness, and mercy…
for haelrazor was born to return good for evil…
even unto the devil himself.

haelrazor's live to forgive


The Root of All War

  • there will never be peace on earth until the cause of peace is understood…
  • the first step is to understand how peace was lost…
  • what is the opposite of peace???
  • the opposite of peace is war…
  • where did war start???
  • it started in the feelings.
  • watch your feelings, watch them like a hawk…
  • DISCORD (the opposite of harmony) has been set into action the very instant there is a feeling that is not the BALANCED expression of love, wisdom, and power…

  • every discordant feeling (no matter how slight the vibration) creates inharmony…

  • wherein lies the root cause of all war…

  • harmony in the feelings towards all other parts of Life is a manifestation of peace.

  • watch your feelings and pay attention to every cause you send forth

  • become the vibratory action of love, wisdom, and power in perfect balance…

  • every moment of every day…

  • do your level best…

  • just do it…

  • TRY.


Into the Void

  • it’s hard for me to publish this post because now i am going into a new cycle and all the rules that i have allowed to dominate this outer self…
  • all the rules of human conformity…
  • those rules no longer exist because i can’t allow their existence in my world anymore.
  • it’s really, really hard…you have no idea…part of me doubts that i will ever be able to actually break through this…
  • but i’m not going to give up…no matter what…
  • after all…the Light of God never fails.
  • i do not doubt this, not for an instant…
  • i know the truth because i have seen and experienced the truth firsthand.
  • nobody can prove the truth for anyone else.
  • we must become the proof that we need from within our own beings…
  • by using empirical knowledge wherein lies the root of truth.
  • empirical knowledge is gained only thru experience…
  • this is KNOWING as opposed to believing.
  • by knowing the truth…having proved it through our own experience…
  • we will set ourselves free from the bondage of ignorance.

this too shall pass


Our Eye On (Orion) I AM



I Love You Hate Me Here I AM

I love this picture of H.P.B. I got to know her about 15 years ago and right from the start I somehow knew we would always be friends, even unto the end of time. One little misunderstanding tho…I could never figure out why she looked so solemn in all of her pics. I just couldn’t fathom it.
I remember thinking how lucky she was, with the greatest knowledge in this Universe resting right beneath her finger tips. Hell, she even knew the mahatmas personally. Geez, what more could a girl want??? Well…now, I stand corrected. Oh, yes, dear H.P.B., I surely do. This road is tougher than it looks…
Anyway, the video below provides a fair illustration. My sidekick forced me to watch this goof-ball-gone-psycho ‘Supernatural’ show, then oddly enough I began to see how it reflected my own life. Now how much does that suck? All I can say is that I hope I don’t look that far-out-there from the outside, but then again it’s only my bankrupt ego on the line.
Just like moi, Sam and Dean know how to roll with the punches even if they do end up in Hell at least once every season. They even know that purgatory and Hell have different time zones, plus they have empirical experience with the fact that both ‘getaways’ offer the ‘most excellent’ extreme-sport methods of torture imaginable.
Oh, my God!!! Do I always sound like a TV get-real-or-overdose-already-ya-mega-la-drama show???
Nevertheless, there will be peace when I am done altho I don’t mind if I never get to rest so long as there’s some good music with a beat that I can march to during my eternal servitude down in the pits of existence. Whatever comes I will face it head on with all the knowledge that I have gained during the never-ending tour of ‘damnation’s unlimited’…
There is no doubt about it-I will by grace survive to be victorious on this, the dreaded mission…by the Power and Rhythm of the Great Command I am at long last become that I AM. So listen up, Zor’ra, and listen well… there will be no more sorrow! Be thou free again…and suit up, girl…’tis the time to rock like a hurricane…and roll like the mother of all locomotives…
Whooo hooo & yippee ki-yay!

Bill Hicks + George Carlin: The Big Electron



This is worth watching especially if you have the courage to live your life outside of the indoctrination box…thank you, Troy, you always find the good stuff.  😉

The Call of Troythulu

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That I AM…I Command Thee!

The HaelRazor Chronicles Day 1


To Make All Things Right

In life there are many cycles. Each cycle is a another step. Even when I break down and fail the test, I know that there will be another chance to make it right if I but make the determination to never give up. All of my suffering has been for a purpose. The mistakes I have made are the individual expressions of my overall evolution. I forgive myself. I forgive them too. I have done my best. Yes, I really have this time. I screwed up big time. But they didn’t do much better. So, now we move forward. Letting go the hatred and guilt. There is nothing better than freedom. I free myself by freeing them. This is it. It is finished. The past is forgotten. To forget is the better  part of forgiveness. By forgiving all for all I am forgiven also. My heart is restored. I am alone-all-one am I.


I Need Your Help

It is very stormy in my region of the world…yes the wind is cold and my heart is heavy for I know what lays in my path. But I will not fear nor will I doubt…but by the power of the light of god that never fails I will make the call for what I need to succeed. I have never given up and by the presence of life which I AM I never will. So help me, god! Help now me do this job! This is what you want so make it happen. Amen

Let Us Finish the Game


Hit the Switch!

One of the biggest complaints that I have always had with religion in general is that typically religion provides no practical method by which to deal with the conditions that are in the physical world. If my Christian acquaintances see this video they will no doubt think that I am practicing sorcery. Christians believe that to consciously manipulate the vibratory action of energy is evil.
Yet if we are to accept the miracles performed by Jesus as being a reality then by the very laws of nature itself Jesus absolutely had to use the law of energy and vibration in order to produce ‘miracles’ in the physical world. There would be no way around it…unless of course God and Jesus are separate from everything else in the Universe.
I AM is the one thing that we all have in common. It is our inalienable identity and it is the method by which we proclaim everything we have ever done and/or intend to do. According to the bible I AM is also the name of God. I AM is the intonation that allows us to be self-conscious co-creators with the Source.
The correct intonation of I AM systematically applied will enable us to once again become One with the Source. As you will notice in the audio portion of my video I have yet to master the correct intonation of I AM. Regardless, I have without a shadow of a doubt  proven to myself dozens of times that this method truly works…
However, my personal proof is nothing to you unless you take the time to prove to the power of I AM to yourself, through yourself, and in the affairs of your own personal world. I sincerely hope that someday soon you will join me by experimenting with I AM on your own terms. Thank you for visiting the Light of God Never Fails.


The End of Maya

For some reason I see the end of the Mayan calendar as correlated to the sanskrit meaning of the word ‘maya’ which pertains to the world of illusion. And “illusion” is most definitely what the people of this planet have been submerged in ever since the sinking of Atlantis. Naturally I have my own take on everything…
However, that’s not to say that I think I am right. Nevertheless, since everyone else has thrown their take on the whole ‘end of the world’ thing out there I may as well let my viewpoint be known as well. The way I see it is this: the world as we know it has run it’s full course.
The old cycle ends and thus a new cycle begins…
But the shift will manifest slowly until in a time not too far distant it will become very, very obvious. At that point it will be too late to make any changes in the outcome. Therefore, this is the hour of trial and judgment. This is it. Who will answer the call of the Great Initiator?
Who will stand for ‘we the people’ of Earth? Who among us is ready to become a Sun of God? In your heart you already know…it is the destiny of every human soul. Just imagine this: I AM Christ I AM
May thou now become the Open Door. Thou art blessed for thou art the chosen. Will you accept?

The Silent Watcher


Silence the Bitch

I like this new phase of video posts…it’s the most real I have ever been with anyone in this world. It’s a little scary cause I know that I am giving out the truth of how I really am and how my life is in comparison to the accepted standard. It doesn’t matter what people think so long as I am really trying to do the right thing. For the first time I am free to speak about what really matters to me. I listen to everyone else talk about their way of thinking and for the most part I simply listen, giving forth an unknown blessing. Now at least I won’t blow up and fall apart from keeping myself locked away in silence. God is merciful.The fact that I am still in this body is proof of that.

Be Silent

A Heavy Load

Thank you, Pat. You hit the head on the nail again. You are such an open door that I can’t help but want to do better…and to be better. You hold me on track even in the midst of the storm. Hugs filled with love to ya always, Zor’ra

Source of Inspiration

Lighting the way

Lay down your burden, is
it not a heavy load? It is
you who chooses the task.
You descend into the dark
bringing light to those
who have lost their way.
You descend and can ascend
at any time. The key is
your intention.

Keep in mind that when you
act, you act in my place.
I am transmitting through
your every deed. Your thoughts
are sent to guide you. Beware
that you do not corrupt your
tasks with selfish desires.
They build a wall of
illusion between us.

I can be present in each of
your acts when you allow me
to manifest through you. I am
ever present; I am your very
breath. Your work is not easy
for many remain in darkness.
I am always with you. It is
impossible for you to be alone.
A host of beings stand guard for you.

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Is It Just Another Ego Trip?

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No doubt about it…I’m my own worst enemy. Half the time I can’t see straight for getting stuck on stupid. I don’t know why I need to do this new phase of video posts. I know that I’m not the … Continue reading


Just Do It

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I apologize to my readers for taking so long to publish a post. I’ve been working full time again so I haven’t really felt like writing. But everyday I get up an hour early in order to do my ‘prayer … Continue reading


Crazy Train Blog Radio

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A couple months back I asked God about what my life would be like if I had not made so many life-altering mistakes. (Ever since my early twenties I have tripped, stumbled, crashed, burned, and jumped out in front of … Continue reading

Thank you, Troy. I will use this for inspiration during the course of my work.

The Call of Troythulu

Nov 27, 2012 via melodysheep

mp3: //

Charlie Chaplin’s 1940 anti-fascist speech from The Great Dictator, as a song. Subscribe for more like this!

Sources used:
The Great Dictator:
The Greatest Speech Ever Made:


I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an emperor, that’s not my business. I should like to help everyone if possible – Jew, gentile, black man, white. We all want to help one another, human beings are like that. In this world there is room for everyone, and the good earth is rich, and can provide for everyone. But we have lost the way.

Greed has poisoned men’s souls
Has barricaded the world with hate
We think too much and feel too little

More than machinery, we need humanity
More than cleverness, we need kindness
Without these qualities life would be violent
And all would be lost

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Enter the KBO Zone

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Sometimes it’s really hard to keep up enough inspiration to carry on. I don’t think I really want anyone to see me up close and it’s not just because I’m an incorrigibly wicked mutation… 😀 …its about feeling vulnerable…the exposure … Continue reading


Baby Steps Into A Leap of Faith

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There is no place like home. There is no place like home. There is no place like home.  I AM now become one with you, thou great beyond from whence all life comes. I seek freedom but more than aught … Continue reading


Keep Buggerin On & Stick to Your Guns

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I don’t even know what to write. All I know is that the pain in my heart is still gripping my senses. I want to let go, but habit pulls me back in. The emptiness I feel is only an … Continue reading


Taming the Beast

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I have begun to film the dance again. It’s not entirely clear as to why, or what I’ll do with the footage…mostly it amounts to little more than a hassle. Except for every once in a while when there comes … Continue reading


Stand: About-Face the Oppression

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I have actually managed to be steadfast in my practice of the dance. But I’m not sure that I can really call it a dance anymore because I am beginning to see why I was told to forget what I … Continue reading


Bursts of Rapid Fire/Steady As She Goes

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I feel like I have been working out this formula for about 100,000 years now. But at least I’m still alive…maybe even able to work it out, so I dare not complain. It’s all about the inner mechanism, building the perfect … Continue reading


No More Sorrow

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Turn back time Make all things right Forgive what never should have been… Forget all the sin Open wide the door Through the mind let it pour… You are free Free forevermore… No more sorrow The Quantum of Silence Deliverance … Continue reading


The Discipline-Which Part of “Shut Up” Didn’t You Get?

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I can’t believe that I still haven’t conquered these issues that keep hindering me into yet another pathetic struggle for mere survival. I mean, how clear can it get? Simple rules, repeated oft enough…I don’t even need to write them … Continue reading

The Light of God Never Fails

This is the hardest part. This is where I have to get it right, keep it right and be right. No matter what.

I need your clear direction, Father, I need your unequivocal Presence in my world.

I know that you are telling me many things right now, but mystery, the ‘mist tree’, is not the cure for what ails me.

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” Matthew 7.7 (KJV)

I ask of thee the one thing that I do believe will cure my disease.

I seek the One Eye, and the determination that will result from thy gaze.

I knock upon thy Door, and I await upon my knees, for the appearance of that which will shatter all false appearances.

I reach forth into thy Diamond Shining Heart Realm, for there alone will I find…

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The Rite of Spring 2013

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It’s mondo ironic in a woo woo kind of way. Life is so amazing. Please allow me to explain…the 1913 production of Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring had a profound effect upon my consciousness. In fact, I was practically obsessed with it … Continue reading


Me, Myself & Dum Dum

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Thou Light of My Heart, I know…I’ve been doing a lousy job at mastering the dance, Ch’i of Tetraktys…Merkavah…but I finally know how to use it, so one would think that I’d be all over it…I truly love the rush … Continue reading


HaelRazor Inc.

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Dear Source, Well, finally, after twenty years I am ready to do what I knew would one day come to pass. The only problem is that I still question my own sanity. One would think that after all that I … Continue reading


Smile-You Are On the Hit-List Again

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To the Source of All Creation and the Lords of Karma, You already know full well what my problem is…now I need to use enough common sense (what’s that?) to ask for that which only you can give. I have … Continue reading


Another Prayer from the Trenches of Existence

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So, how do I go about making myself tow the line when I find that I can’t remember why it is that I’m supposed to be towing the line in the first place. Should I make a list of everything … Continue reading


Saint Sick In the Head Freak

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The other day some of my associates were laughing at St.Francis, because they didn’t understand why he would talk to animals. That’s where I got the title for this post. They said he was sick in the head and a … Continue reading


Say What???

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I have no idea what to write, but I’m supposed to get in the habit of writing every single day-even if it’s just a thought or two. Can’t promise that I’ll publish everyday, but miracles do happen. Anyway, the important … Continue reading


The Journey Continues…

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Back when I first started this blog, I didn’t have much of a clue as to what I was going to do with it. At first it was just a lot of fun, the first time I’d had fun in … Continue reading


Dark Knight Surprise

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Back in the days before Batman began his rocky rise in the new era fame, I had the pleasure of meeting another dark warrior from whom Batman must have stolen part of his costume design. It all started in a … Continue reading


The Sacrifice

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Sometimes my thoughts and feelings are so focused that I can hear the audible voice of God. He always gives forth very specific and useful directives. I am so grateful for these wonderful moments of enlightenment because then I receive … Continue reading


Why Struggle With Struggle???

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Why the struggle? Why the daily grind? Why do we have to work so hard for what we want to achieve in Life? I ask myself these questions due to all the oppositions. I wonder why…do I need more strength, or … Continue reading


Why Are We So Fragile?

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Why are we so fragile? Why are we so strong? How can we be both of these things so perfectly, and yet be so broken and warped? Is  there a reason why we are strong enough to care so much … Continue reading


Are You A Gambler?

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Someone once asked the late great dancer, Rudolf Nureyev, if he ever gambled. His answer was yes. He said that he gambled every time that he stepped on the stage and performed. Just being on stage was a gamble, according … Continue reading


Why Should I Have Faith?

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Why should I have faith when every effort is rewarded with a bloody struggle? Why should I have faith when I feel so utterly alone in my determination to be true? Why should I have faith when all I see … Continue reading


The Station

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As the day begins and I take my place at the station I listen for the Call~O’Infinite Heart of God The Song from the Source of All Creation It comes from my own Heart It comes from the Heart of … Continue reading


Tell Me About Yourself

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When people ask me to tell them about myself, I’m about as stupid as stupid can get. I start stumbling around and I don’t know what to say. I mean how can I possibly tell them the truth? “O’yeah, you … Continue reading


The Haunted~Remember Compassion

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Not long ago I had a job where I had to work on a property that was home to more than one unhappy entity. The first time I was there I discovered that in one of the stalls of the … Continue reading



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Harmony (aka LOVE) maintained in the feeling world towards all Life, substance and energy on this planet is one of the primary Keys that makes it possible for Forgiveness to be granted without limitation of any kind. In other words: … Continue reading


The Pearls of Failure

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I can’t even begin to count how many times I have stood at this same threshold. You would think that I’d have enough sense to get this job done already! But I’d like to hope that I can make each … Continue reading


Why Should I Be Grateful???

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Why should I be grateful to wake up every morning and be confronted by so many problems that it makes my head spin??? Why should I be grateful for this??? I am grateful that I have the strength to crawl … Continue reading


No More Fear

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All my Life I have been afraid, yet not so much of what goes bump in the night..rather I have been afraid that I would never be truly loved by all those whom I have known. What if they think … Continue reading


In the Darkest Hour

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In the darkest hour when all seems lost and broken Tis another opportunity to find the strength within To rise & wax strong~guided by a Sun that Lights the Way In spite of bitter tears that fall like bloody rain … Continue reading


The Resurrection of the ‘Original Merkavah’

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When anyone uses the statement, “I AM the Resurrection and the Life”, that very moment the Original Merkavah has been set into action. The intensity with which it is set into action is based almost entirely on the amount of feeling that one … Continue reading


Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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The Light of God Never Fails has been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by one of my favorite bloggers, Maarit-Johanna. You can visit her wonderful blog on Alexander the Great at So I guess there are a few … Continue reading

Entities and other “team dark” energies

This is an exceptional article written by a lovely lady whose teachings I very much admire and appreciate…thank you so much, Renate. You always offer extraordinary insight and understanding…that goes far beyond mere words. Zor’ra  😉


The Haunted~Why So Scary???

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Have you ever noticed that in all the movies and tv shows about the paranormal most of the people are scared witless… Well, I can definitely relate to that, because I’ve been there. I can remember years ago when I … Continue reading


The Experiment

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The world we live in today is nothing more than the final result of our experiment with misery… Isn’t it high time we try a different kind of experiment and make for ourselves the kind of existence that we can live … Continue reading


Govern the Change~Into the Seat of the Merkaba Pt.2

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The Original Merkavah was designed to be used as a vehicle that would take us safely through the process of creative expansion… It is set into Infinite Action through and around the outer self by the Power of the Great Command, which is Omnipotent, and which directly … Continue reading


The Haunted Pt.2

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All my life I have avoided the dark side of existence, or so I thought…I now know that in previous lives I must have dabbled in plenty of bad shit, otherwise I wouldn’t be so tormented in this life. Believe it … Continue reading

Green Day ..Jaded New Medication By timzauto

So, Tim, do you really think that I will someday be ok??? Even though this video shows exactly how I feel~even when I’m straight??? Love ya, Tim. And thank you for the belly laugh. 😉

timzauto.... in search of the blond haired kid

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When You’re Strange

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Some days I just don’t know what to write. I don’t think that anyone would ever actually believe what my life is really like. It’s not so bad, you know, Just kind of strange and unexplainable. But it isn’t it the … Continue reading


What Is Sorcery???

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October 3, 1932 “The Western world likes to fool itself with the idea that it refuses to accept the ancient and Eastern idea of sorcery. In other words, the misuse of the Spiritual Powers. The worst kind of sorcery is … Continue reading

Stumbling Through the Communication Abyss

Well, at least I know that I don’t stand alone in my determination to ignore the bullshit…thank you so much, Old Jules. 😉

So Far From Heaven

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by.

Neighbor:  “Did you hear what the Governor of Texas did about Obamacare?

Me:  “I don’t know who’s Governor of Texas.  Don’t care what he did about anything.   Don’t know nothing about Obama, Obamacare, nothing.” 

Neighbor:  “Well you’d better find out!”

Me:  “I don’t go to doctors.  Haven’t been to one in 20, 25 years.  If I can get out of here before the election I might be able to go through the next presidential term without knowing who’s president.”

Neighbor shakes head frowning, shrugs.  The Universe pauses in anticipation of the next topic of conversation.

Old Jules

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Govern the Change~Into the Seat of the Merkaba Pt.1

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Change is inevitable. Change comes daily, hourly…every single second of everyday something changes. Consider the thought processes…do they not constantly change, even while upon the same subject? Do not our thoughts change direction and content through the process of deduction … Continue reading


Sacred Geometry~The Secret of the Ages Pt.2

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For most of my life I have seen everything (people, places, and conditions) from the Inner Levels of Consciousness… That is to say, in distinct geometric shapes, and in the formations of various patterns, which I have often thought of … Continue reading

Spirituality – The Ultimate Reality?

This video does an excellent job describing my overall perspective of physical manifestation…and it shows how my eyes see…from the inside. Thank you so much, Ganesh. 😉

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

As in Micro, so in Macro. The whole exists within the minutest particle and the minutest particle contains the whole. The atom contains the universe and the universe contains the atom, and neither exists without the other. Creator exists within creation, even as creation exists within creator.

– Brahmarishi Mayan, circa 10,500 BC

Spirituality is the Ultimate Source of Reality. All the Universe, Nature, Science, Mathematics, Physics, Music, Dance, Arts and Architecture follow the same pattern. All are the application of one and the same. Based on our field of interest we can choose any one and do a deep analysis. At the end every one will join at one same point. The video given above is an excellent analysis to show the application of Spirituality in each and every atom of Universe from Mathematical point of view.

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The Haunted Pt.1

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I wonder how many people out there are being haunted??? This is just a rough guess-ti-mate but I’d venture to say….hhhmmm…well, probably just about everybody. Sounds like a reasonable figure to me, considering all in all… When I was 5 years … Continue reading


Sacred Geometry~The Secret of the Ages Pt.1

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It wasn’t but just a short time ago that the subject of Sacred Geometry came before my outer attention. A friend of mine mentioned it during the course of a wonderful conversation that involved the Star Tetrahedron. I had never … Continue reading

Isn’t This True?

This is an awesome post that continues to inspire me everyday. I refer back to it constantly for reflection…and to become re-galvanized. Thank you so much, Michael. 😉

Have A Dream

“If you train hard,
you’ll not only be hard,
you willbe hard to beat.”
~ Herschel Walker.

Isn’t this true?

Of late, have your life become stale or redundant?

Please do not misunderstand me as most of us would have days when life seems it is the same as the day before.

Or, are you getting better and better every day, in every way?

Thinking allowed ……… I reckon, as we age, our focus and concern should be less on how our bodies age. Instead, emphasis should be on how we choose to consistently position issues in our minds.

Think creatively.

Every one of us will have a different perception on staying competitive. It is all about seeking out challenges and moving beyond our comfort zone. The good news is, we are blessed with the capacity to remain competitive only if we choose to stay competitive. 


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The Impossible Dare

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“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an … Continue reading

We all can make a difference!

It all starts with one small step…thank you, VK!

One World Rising

Here is the back story to this wonderful soul bringing joy to the world! Thanks to

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The Global Vision

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Hello, everyone. I would like to share my viewpoint of another one of the many aspects of visualization that I am convinced is essential to our progress (and survival) en masse. Now I’m sure that most everyone has heard about … Continue reading

What Is Faith?

I can remember the days when it seemed that all I had was Faith, a relentless Faith, in what I could not see, then one day the invisible dream became my visible, undeniable Reality. Thank you so much, Pat…you always give me inspiration…

Source of Inspiration

What is faith?
Is it naive optimism,
rhetoric, a mask? Did
you ever face some
difficulty and feel
annoyed when someone
told you to have more
faith? Like you were
somehow failing spiritually
if you didn’t “have faith.”

But again I ask, “What is
faith?” Belief? A goal?
Something we learn, pray for,
long for? How does one acquire
faith? Faith in what? Is it
only associated with religious
dogma or can it stand alone?

I am tempted to give you a
“pat answer” but will not
because faith is such an individual
experience. How one reaches the
place of knowing is left to each
of us. I do know that we can ask for
faith, even when we aren’t sure we
believe in a Higher Power.

F earless
A ccepting
I ntuitive
T hankful
H ealing

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Caught In the Act~Systematic Visualization

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Today I have come back to the realization that visualization is an activity of consciousness that can (and should be) constantly invoked throughout all of my daily thought processes, which will typically take their own course of action if I … Continue reading


This is a wonderful post about the out-manifestation of visualization. I hope you enjoy and learn from it. I know I did. Thank you so much, Cat!

Cat's Place About Horses and Heart

The last few days have been a wonder of actualizing situations in my life. Starting with the incredible heat wave that tipped the scales Tuesday at over 110 on the car’s temperature gauge, which caused me to remember the words in several of the books I have been reading and from the speakers on the audio’s I have been listening to, of imagining what one does want, not what is.

So I began imagining the coolness in the morning as one ventures out, the sand tightly packed, dark, moist, with the grass covered in glistening drops. The little heads lifted up, soft, yielding, refreshed from the intoxicating downpour of the night before. The clouds a soft grey, still holding potentially more rainfall, yet now in a contributing continuation of moisture to accentuate the wondrous return of dampness to the much needed plants and soil. Remembering the cool, relishing in the…

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I AM the Resurrection and the Life

October 6, 1932 When Jesus said, “I AM the Resurrection and the Life”, He gave forth one of Mightiest Utterances that can well be expressed. You cannot overestimate the Power in this Statement. There is no limit to what you … Continue reading

The Quest To Be Rational

I love this quote. And while I can by no means claim to be entirely rational, I can honestly state that there has always been a rationale behind my pursuit. Thank you so much, Troy.

The Call of Troythulu

“Why continue? Because we must. Because we have the call. Because it is nobler to fight for rationality without winning than to give up in the face of continued defeats. Because whatever true progress humanity makes is through the rationality of the occasional individual and because any one individual we may win for the cause may do more for humanity than a hundred thousand who hug their superstitions to their breast.”

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The Eye of All Creation

Within the Eye of the Storm is the Heart Realm of All Creation Wherein abides the Sacred Throne Room of Infinite Expansion From whence issues the quivering Breath of Love Everlasting An Infinite Stroke of Comfort and All-Pervading Power We … Continue reading

Be the Change!

Change is inevitable so let us then take the helm and make it serve us well even as we learn to love each other again…thank you, Ganesh.

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Do we want to Change the things around us! Change the people for better humanity, Change the world as heaven? Okay, then why don’t we start from our self. It’s very easy for our mind to think big and find fault on others as the reason for failure which we used to more often. If we start finding fault and criticize each Other, People, Media, Education, Economy, Politics, Government, Nation,.. which would be a never-ending blame game which ultimately result in spread of hatred (negative energy) among us but nothing else. Remember all the changes we are discussing now are nothing outside us, but its in us. It’s not just others have to change but the change begins from us. We make them and they are made of us. So if we want to change them, then we have to change!

Not just the things around us, personally we wish…

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Stand In the Right~Come What May

“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” Abraham Lincoln My entire family is at war with each other. Nothing new there. I grew up in a war zone and continue to live in a … Continue reading

I Give Up!

I will give up trying to find a place for myself in this world but I will never give up in my quest to bring forth what I can give to this world. Thank you, Pat.

Source of Inspiration

Sometimes, I give up.
Just quit, or worse,
run away. “I don’t want
to do this anymore!”
my silent scream.

And then, I feel the embrace
of angels who draw near to
comfort me. They dry my tears,
give me a soothing cup of
star-beam tea, and fill me
with courage to try one more time.

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Visualize the World You Want

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Do you ever wake up in the morning with a very strong impression of a message that is being sent from one of your Guardian Angels??? That happens to me frequently…and I’m willing to wager that it is happening to … Continue reading

Karma (you reap what you sow)

This is an excellent article that really makes sense…in a world gone senseless! Thank you, Brad!

Give me 5 minutes a day and I'll give you a happier, more successful life

Whether you believe in the eastern religions (karma), Jewish religion (Proverbs 11:17 Those who are kind benefit themselves, but the cruel bring ruin on themselves) Christianity (Galatians 6:7 A man reaps what he sows.) or no religion at all (the law of attraction-what you think about you bring about) there is evidence that you can control your life much more than most people realize. You have the power to make your life good or bad, happy or sad, successful or unsuccessful.  Many Christians believe in the law of attraction-it is basically the law of faith.

Karma says that if you are good and you do good things, good will come to you.

King Solomon said that the kind benefit themselves, if a person is kind and says and does kind things, good will flow toward him. If he does bad things, bad will flow toward him. Something as simple as…

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The Blend That Will Set You Free

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Beloved Ones of My Heart, as we enter into the deeper explanation and use of what it means to draw this Great Violet Consuming Flame into physical conditions, I want to make something very clear to you, so that you … Continue reading


The Parable of a Dream

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Yesterday morning I had an interesting dream. Since I already understood what it meant, I thought perhaps it had been intended that I should share… There was young wayward woman who, after having gone too far astray, sadly ends up … Continue reading

What has a light side and a dark side and holds the universe together?

I absolutely love this post…kind of reminds me of myself…scary…and cool…LOL. Thank you so much, Clotildajamcracker…you rock!


The Razor’s Edge

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“Avoid popularity if you would have peace.” Abraham Lincoln When I was in school I was never one of the popular kids. Go figure. 😀 But ever so occasionally one of the ‘populars’ would actually be nice to me for … Continue reading


I really, really like this post…it’s a great reminder for anyone who may be on a path similar to mine…Thank you so much DepictedProphet!


Somedays you lose your self. Deafened and dumbed, even happy thoughts aren’t enough. Life is designed to be rough, but somedays, just somedays, theres a leash that just won’t let you leave. Forced to interweave helpless feelings of nothing to achieve. Hopeless hopes strung out on atrocious ropes. A deep dark well with stale tastes of ungifted riches and just to many near misses. Broken bridges and rugged terrain you wish your brain would just for a second, just one second abstain and sit back and enjoy the rain. Stop jumping in front of the train! Reckoned to remain in a state of mundane dysphoria, Is something wrong with ya? No, these are normal feelings a true souls dealings. Look up to the ceiling, take a deep breath and realise this is one of the meanings of being. Lugubriosity is no curiosity its a fact of life. A surgical knife…

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Don’t Get Mad~Take Charge!

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Not long ago I was sitting out on the front porch, ranting to Beloved Saint Germain about the incessantly lazy nature of one of my household members. Now I know it may seem odd that I would bother Saint Germain … Continue reading

Following the Path…What Path?

One World Rising is an excellent blog written by VisionKeeper, a fellow soldier of the Light, for whom I have great respect and to whom I constantly look for inspiration (and wonderful posts to reblog!) Check it out. Thank you, VisionKeeper!

One World Rising

Here we are, going down the path and trusting it is taking us in the right direction. These are trying times indeed. Many question if this path is correct, many question if they are correct, some wonder if anything at all is really happening. The solar flares continue to pound us and throw us off-balance which doesn’t help but the energy they bring is necessary to move us forward. These trying times are like taking the cross town bus and being dropped off in a strange neighborhood. We are unsure of our surroundings, nothing looks familiar and there can even be a slight sense of danger. So how do you resolve those feelings and find your way safely to where you need to go? We must trust ourselves, trust that our decisions are sound and that we can count on ourselves to pull us through. If we don’t trust…

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The Illumination of the Emotions

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Sense Experience: The Good, the Bad, & the Mistaken

This is an excellent article written by a man whose viewpoint I greatly respect. It is important to look at the whole picture in order to accurately discern the Truth within the many pieces of the great puzzle that we know as Life. Thank you, Troythulu!

The Call of Troythulu

To me, it would be the height of intellectual bigotry to reject a claim, however extraordinary, without looking at the reasoning and evidence for it, simply on the assumption that I did not experience it myself. I do not close myself off to anything, especially that not already demonstrated to be impossible by those better qualified than myself in the appropriate area, and I’m fully aware how seemingly compelling, powerful, and profound personal experience can be, so I see no reason to dismiss it out of hand.

Our most fundamental nature can be radically altered, transformed, by what we experience. To mistrust experience entirely would put us down the path of rejecting it as fatally, irrevocably flawed, and to reject most of what we have good reason to think we know of the world, especially if it’s the experience of others, the very meaning of closed-minded.

Must I deny [1]…

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The Sun Dance

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This morning I woke up with many visions…predominant in my mind was the great Native American Ceremony, the Sun Dance… Ever since I was a kid I have longed to participate in this amazing ritual…and now I have come to understand … Continue reading

Essence of Religion

This is very relevant to the present cycle and the shift that is the ONE great hope for ALL…Amen. Thank you, Ganesh!

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

The fundamentals of all religions are the same. Non-essentials only differ. Every religion teaches: There is one, eternal, all-pervading, all-blissful, all-peaceful Supreme Being. Speak the truth. Love all. Serve all. Purify your heart. Never hurt others’ feelings. Be pure. Observe celibacy. Control the senses and the mind. Concentrate. Meditate and attain God-realization.

One religion is as good as another. One road to the Supreme is as good as any other road. There are different kinds of roses but the scent is one. Religion is one, but many are its forms of practice. The essentials of all religions are the same. Let not sectarians blind your vision into a narrow view of religion. All prophets are messengers of God. Their words are infallible and sacred.

“Do as you would be done by. Do unto others as you wish others do unto you.” This is the whole of Dharma. Attend to this…

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The Stand Pt.3-A New Cycle Begins

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Something very significant took place yesterday… Quite frankly, I don’t really wish to disclose it…I know that more than ever I will sound like a delusional nut… However, I guess that is part and parcel of this blogging gig~I just … Continue reading


Man Your Own Battle Station

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“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” ~George S. Patton The Children of God are not supposed to see and feel alike. Why??? Simple. It’s called individuality. Without individuality, we wouldn’t have Free Will. And without Free Will…well, … Continue reading

Deep, Then Deeper

I absolutely love this…it moves me to tears…Thank you, Pat…

Source of Inspiration

Keep in mind that you are
stronger than you think.
When you think the well
is dry, reach deep within
for the Source of All
springs forth without
ceasing. Go deep and
and drink the purest water
of love for it strengthens
you, gives you courage
to try one more time to
be who you already are.

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The Discipline Pt.3

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Every new day is another opporunity to do better than the day before. The first thing on my agenda every morning is to turn directly to my God Presence and make the connection as strong possible before the conditions in … Continue reading

It’s All Correlated

This is an excellent article that is directly correlated with everything that I attempt to express in my articles. In-depth and exceptionally accurate, Renate’s explanation of this all-important subject mirrors my own direction and purpose in this world. Thank you so much, Renate!


Let The Truth Be Known

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“A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.” Mahatma Gandhi Always say it how it is…from deep from within your own Divine Self… Speak the Truth…about where you … Continue reading


Don’t Look for Answers – Find the Questions

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This is an excellent article that I wanted to share with anyone who may have a few moments to invest…Don’t Look for Answers – Find the Questions « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions. It’s from Just Wondering by … Continue reading


Ye Are Gods

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Be still~and know that I AM~GOD Not so long ago, while in deep contemplation, the Beloved Saint Germain spoke these words to me: “Think not of what it is that you want to do. Think of what it is that … Continue reading


Choose Your Weapon

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All my life I have been trying to figure this shit out and find a solution for that which has caused so much suffering. By the Grace of God, our Father, I know that at last I have come to the answer for my own Individualized service to all life. I AM now Become the … Continue reading


The Fury Pt.4

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I arrived at the house very late that night. After settling myself into the guest room, I dozed off rather quickly, but I didn’t really go to sleep. Instead, I kept tossing and turning in a state of ‘half consciousness’ that … Continue reading

This is relevant and it touches my Heart very deeply…Thank you so much, Pat!

Source of Inspiration

Standing in the fire can be
pretty scary but when you
come out unscathed, you
learn how strong you are.
One or two little singes help
you remember to trust the
plan you and I made for you.

Bring on the brimstone. This
mighty warrior is ready!

Aren’t you? Yes!!

Five Star Source

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The Stand Pt.2

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Please keep in mind that I’m not claiming to be the know-all of everything to do with the Law of Life, or of anything for that matter. I’ve made more mistakes than I can count, but that doesn’t diminish the … Continue reading

Be Fearless

This is very relevant to my last post. Thank you, VK!

One World Rising

As things begin to pick up speed and move forward in the shift, it would stand to reason the dark ones will become more desperate and make a move to hold on to their control over humanity. Times may become somewhat challenging, but there is no need for us to feel fearful in any way. This is where our faith will pull us through and the love we hold in our hearts. We have been gathering our abilities to stay in our hearts for quite some time now and as the time approaches we must put what we have learned to use. This is not a time for fear or is it ever. We have no reason for fear, for staying in that energy only pulls us down and weakens us. Now is the time for strength and feeling sure about ourselves, no doubts, just that strong knowing in…

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The Stand Pt.1

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When I was 11 years old I convinced my parents that I no longer needed a babysitter. It was wonderful, because having another person around when I could be alone was usually a drag. Except for when it got dark … Continue reading

Sweet Truth

This is a wonderful article which is completely relevant to one of my many flaws. Thank you, Truth Warrior!

The Truth Warrior

Praise & Recognition

Most of us, myself included, are addicted to the drug of “approval”, “acceptance”, ‘praise” and “popularity” of other people. We are under the illusion that we need this to feel good.

So how do you know if you are an addict in this way or not?

Well one way of knowing is if somebody praises you and you feel great and then somebody criticizes you in some way and you feel rejected and you feel down. This is usually a good test to see if we are living our lives based on the approval, acceptance, praise and popularity of other people or our own. We are with the former, unconsciously allowing other people and society to control us by what we say, feel and do.

When we come to a place where we no longer are living our lives this way, we have reached a place of liberation…

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Dealing With Personalities Pt.1

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I’m not quite as easy as the darkened warlord thinks I am. I just happen to be exceedingly stubborn in regards to following the rules. Plus…very, very seldom does anybody in the outer world give me even one decent prompting … Continue reading

Unmitigated Glory

More wonderful pix from Troyhulu! My favorite is the Venus Transit Over the Baltic Sea. Awesome!!!

The Call of Troythulu

Two New Hubble-Quality Telescopes Gifted to NASA

A Venus Transit Music Video from SDO

Thackeray’s Globules

A Venus Transit Over the Baltic Sea

M13: The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules

M65 and M66

APOD Turns 17

Caturday’s Astronomy Pix is a weekly installment, published each weekend between 7:31 and 8:30 AM, with links to each daily entry on NASA’s website Astronomy Picture of the Day. I hope you enjoy looking at these often breathtaking images as much as I do.

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The Discipline Pt.2

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Many years ago my Presence said these words to me: Whenever you are dealing with personalities you are dealing with the sinister force I was like, huh? Are you kidding me? How can that be??? Because personalities are an open … Continue reading


The Discipline

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In the beginning of the Summer of ’07, I had been cleaner than a whistle for over 7 years. I didn’t even eat meat, let alone ‘party like an animal’. My biggest struggle was keeping my eyeballs off the TV. … Continue reading

The “I am” quotation/affirmation – a visualization.

Thank you, Ian!!!

1. The Journey up the mountain.

A Quotation from The Milk Is White (This is you too, dear reader, so visualise each line carefully):

As the droplet is to the ocean,
I am.
As the lick of flame is to the fire,
I am.
As the sunbeam is to sunlight,
I am.
As the Great Spirit is,
I am.

Here is a visualisation:

re. line 1. Visualise a drop of water dropped into a glass of water; it is one with the water but still exists in its own right.

re. line 2. Visualise a fire and a lick of its flame; the lick is often separate from the fire but is still part of it. Without the fire it does not exist.

re. line 3. Visualise sunlight and a sunbeam. The sunbeam exists only because something has blocked out part of the ambient sunlight. Remove the block, and the sunbeam merges with the…

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The Real Deal

For my friends who may wonder at my direction. At least you know that now I am finally being real! Like it or not this is who I am. Thank you, Father, for giving me the strength to stand up, step out, and fly! Amen

One World Rising

It is time for all of us to open up to the world. To open our hearts and risk exposing our true selves to others. We have held back long enough from being who we really are. It is time to spread our wings and fly forth into the world no matter the risks and share ourselves with all those we meet on a deep and loving level. We have hidden away all the parts we fear are tainted or will not be accepted. First of all, who is to say if we are even correct about our assumption? Secondly there are no bad parts to us. We are who we are, all parts of us, and all of these parts make up who we are. This is what living an authentic life is all about. Finding the courage to offer all of yourself to the world, holding nothing…

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Anything Can Talk To You Pt.2

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Back in the Fall of ’07 I received a very specific directive. It consisted of but one sentence. “You have to stop drinking the tequila.” Well, of course, that didn’t come from the devil. But how can one be certain? … Continue reading

Appearances Aside

This reminds me of many of my past dreams. And while it would appear that Pam’s ideology is the opposite of mine, she is very enlightened and well aware of the pitfalls of the occult and New Age religions. She may disagree with me, but I agree with her on many key factors that are relevant to our survival.


At times, theHoly Spirit WILL confirm  by a dream. When He does, it will not be an assumption. IT WILL BE FACT AND TRUTH THAT SETS YOU FREE.

 Take it from one who knows. Most confirmation comes from the devil. Here is a personal experience.

I was set up to sin with a dream. More than once!

 In 1980, I had a dream that I saw a minister standing on my church’s steps, with a robe across his arm. He looked at me and said, “Girl, I’m gonna marry You!” In the dream, he was wearing a navy blue suit purchased from Sears and a pair of navy blue swede shoes.

Two weeks later, on a Sunday morning, “a force” was trying to stop me from going to church. I “assumed” it was the devil. So I persevered and went out of the door, walking to church. Looking back today, I realize…

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Our Day Has Come

I stopped paying attention to what the world had to say back in 1986. I told a few people what I could see coming. The very changes that are so evident right now.

I could see it in politics and the enforcements of Legislature, especially in all the talking heads of CNN…

I could feel the shift in social climate and in the last of the decent religions that were left to lean upon…

I could hear the scream of the Forces of Nature as the re-enactment of the past was driving full throttle…

People told me that I was full of shit. Ok. Whatever.

One half of me went deep inside to that place where I love to dwell-the only real home that I’ve ever known.

The other half of me stayed out in the ‘real world’. I pretended to be like everyone else, pretended I wasn’t living a double life.

I’d hear the Voice of God. He’d tell me exactly what I needed to do. My responsibilities, the requirements of the Law, what to look out for and how everything was all laid out.

Like a great puzzle, all the pieces fit together so perfectly. Everything is relative.

And everyone is a relative because we are all one great family. We are the lost children of a fallen Kingdom.

All the precious parts of our Life which now appear to be broken apart and crippled, must be brought back into alignment and healed before the circle reaches the point in the juncture where it all began.

This is the only way we can make it truly worth every drop of blood. Time is short. It is now or never.

This is not conspiracy-theoretical, mystical, or imagined. It’s the real deal. Waiting to see what’s going to happen is not an option.

There is no reset button for this gig. Practice makes perfect, and we have practiced at being fools plenty often.

It’s time to step up and practice wisdom, for it is our very existence that is on the line during this round.

Let’s show ourselves exactly what we are capable of and I ain’t talkin’ about continuing the legacy of destruction.


Thank God For The Blogosphere

Earlier this year I had begun to think that I had really gone over the edge. How could all this stuff that I was seeing, how could it possibly be true???

I had stopped talking because everybody just looked at me like I was a freak. I couldn’t bare to live another day of double existence.

It finally drove me to blogging. Just like the Father told me to do. I wasn’t ready four years ago when He first brought the plan to my attention.

If only I had pushed with more determination back then…it would have probably saved me a lot of suffering.

I would have known that there are others like me. Others who see the same things that I have seen.

Thank you, Father. At last, I’m know I’m not crazy. Or, at least now I have a lot of company in the insanity another reality. Amen

The Real Deal

These images are so close to my heart that I almost cry every time I look at them. There is nothing better than the real deal.

The Call of Troythulu

A Picturesque Venus Transit

Milky Way Galaxy Doomed: Collision with Andromeda Pending

Live: Watching for Venus to Cross the Sun

Eclipsed Moon Over Wyoming

Venus Transit 2012

When Venus Rises with the Sun

Venus at the Edge

Caturday’s Astronomy Pix is a weekly installment, published each weekend between 7:31 and 8:30 AM, with links to each daily entry on NASA’s website Astronomy Picture of the Day. I hope you enjoy looking at these often breathtaking images as much as I do.

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The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky

Blavatsky is one of the few authentic channels for the Great Masters of Wisdom. She tried Their patience far more often than she should have (swore like a sailor, smoked like a chimney, had the temper of Medusa) but her heart was always true.


Anything Can Talk To You Pt.1

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In spite of his rage and an ego the size of Jupiter, I daresay, Anakin would have done the right thing in the first place had it not been for the influence of those who preceded him in the original separatist establishment of the dark … Continue reading


The Great Debate

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Many people feel that my acknowledgement of Saint Germain is a horrible insult to Jesus. They believe that only the true Son of God can attain the Ascension. I agree. Jesus was the Chosen One. Chosen from among the sons … Continue reading

7 Days In May

Sometimes I have thought that I was really going too far beyond. That I had truly lost my mind. The darkness encroaches. But it’s the same old war. At least now I know that others also see the intent and are preparing against the onslaught. Armour us, Father. Armour us NOW. Prepare us, make us Indestructible, as we go forward into the final battle. Amen

The Beast Shall Not Succeed

I feel them coming-riding hard and fast. I should have been in a better state of preparation.

Well, I guess I wouldn’t be HaelRazor if I did it the easy way. But now is not the time for delay.

We are in the hour of greatest need. This is the hour when we must band together on the Inner levels of consciousness.

It’s too late for anything else.

United we will stand and prevail against Hell itself. We will make all things right again. For the Light of God never fails.

Take your station and you will see. And remember to love each other above all else. That is how God will reveal His Divine Plan Fulfilled.

Through you-the people-He will stop the final episode. O’yes He will. Know this and forget everything else…

You are the Light of God that never fails. No matter what the f**king appearance world says. Never ever give up.

Stand your ground and drive like ‘Patton‘ through every barrier. “Never surrender. Attitude is everything. Never dig in.”

Become now the Law of the Great Command that sets all Life Free.

I Am that I Am. To be that I Am is all we need. Show them the Door, Father. Show them now. Set them FREE. Amen

We Are Ready

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To Be Thy Brother’s Keeper

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What Can The Devil Speak True?

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Well…I’ll have to think about that for a minute. But I can tell you one thing for certain-this blog business is the weirdest trip I have ever been on. I have actually had fun-for the first time in more years … Continue reading


The Struggle Within Against The Push From Without Pt.2

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I started smoking cigarettes when I was 15. In those days I had some really good friends and one of them was kind enough to set me straight. “You don’t know how to smoke for shit. You’re supposed to inhale, … Continue reading


Welcome To Planet F**!ed Up

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THIS IS THE YEAR OF OUR LORD NEW YEAR’S DAY 20/20 IT IS FINISHED!!! Come one, come all, to the home of the ‘F**k Ups R’Us Simulation Program’. Welcome to the universally infamous ‘Dark Star’ where the experiment with misery … Continue reading


My Lord-Let Us Raise Voldemort

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You are the only one, my Lord. Verily, you are the only one who really knows the solution to this problem. This position we are in during these final hours is extremely awkward and very precarious, to say the least. Yea, even … Continue reading


The Struggle Within Against The Push From Without Pt.1

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I have determined to make the stand. Again. I’ve been trying to quit smoking. Again. Pretty easy when I really, really want to do it. And I would know, because I have quit multiple times since I was 17. I … Continue reading