About Becoming HaelRazor

Now I know why God wanted me to do this blog. This is my workout program for being true to the Source. This is my opportunity to become myself again. To be real, to maintain humility, and to be consistent. A purpose by which to keep the inspiration flowing and to practice up on not giving a shit what the world thinks of me.
I began to understand the title of ‘HaelRazor’ right after my first encounter with a Jinn who wanted me out of her territory so badly that she was ready to chase me out the very first night I ever slept in the house where her portal is located. After somewhat successfully backing her down I had a revelation about what had always been the job of my dreams.
It goes back to very ancient times when there was an unusual league of individuals who went into the deepest, darkest pits of Hell’s creation and by the Almighty Fiat of the ‘Light of God That Never Fails’, they would open the Door into the Heart Realm of Infinite Creation-thereby compelling evil to be raised back into a state of Indestructible Purity by the use of the Great Command of Sacred Fire Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy.
Unfortunately, some individuals think that the Sacred Fire is some sort of occult or left hand method. They are, and will continue to be greatly mistaken, if they persist with that attitude. When fully understood it is quite simply the highly elusive and almost completely misunderstood ‘Philosopher’s Stone‘. You will not find (for the most part) a truly accurate representation of this Great Key in the doctrines of outer world.
Nevertheless, turning lead into gold is certainly possible to achieve but kind of meaningless except for paying the bills and making yourself rich. Booorrrinng!!! But raising death back into life??? Now, that’s something worth doing. And that’s what being a HaelRazor is all about. By the way, I sincerely do hope that we have bigger army very soon, because I am so tired of standing alone on this battlefield. Amen

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6 comments on “About Becoming HaelRazor

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and the follow. Just working myself through yours. Amazing stuff going on here. Love it. Renate

    • Thank you very much for following my blog! And for the comment…I look forward to finding articles in your blog which will undoubtedly be correlated with mine. The more we work together the better chance we have of quickly bringing everything back into alignment within ourselves, so that we can be of greater assistance to everyone else. God bless you, my dearest sister. Zor’ra

  2. I want to understand better what you are writing about but do not know where to start. I have read everything on this part including links. Where do I go from here? hugs, pat

    • Hi Pat! Is it the Sacred Fire that you are looking to understand? That is the main thrust of my blog, which is basically just a chronicle of my evolution towards the Ascension.

      You are already pretty advanced so I would send you to Brother’s Keeper, Illumination of Emotions, and maybe the Stand series. Can’t remember where all the good ‘tid-bits’ are but I’m working on a new series that will be more definitive.

      Hope that helps…let me know if you want to know something very specific. Lots of love and blessings from above, Zor’ra

  3. Thanks, I will follow this trail. Much of this in new to me or I have only a smattering of knowledge. But what you write about keeps coming up for me so it seems that I should know more. hugs, pat

    • Hi Pat. You are very welcome. I would venture to state that this knowledge is not at all new to you, but perhaps just somewhat hidden beneath the surface of your outer consciousness. Everything you write about is directly related, which is why I am always so deeply moved by your amazing articles. Just dig around a bit in any avenue that your Heart leads you to and it will come clear to you very soon, of that I am sure. I am still in the process of bringing it all to the surface as well, so I don’t have the definitive answers to all that I seek either. 😉

      May clear skies and many well-deserved Blessings accompany you on your Holy quest, Zor’ra 😉

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