Thoughts on Ethics and Expectations

this is just an introduction to Troythulu’s “bible of common sense survival in a world gone crazy”

The Call of Troythulu

This post started out as part of a discussion on Facebook with a friend of mine, who suggested I make it into a blog post, which was a capital idea. Here it is expanded a bit, clarified, and with typos removed. Thank you, Zor’ra. ~Troythulu

One thing I’ve noticed, and it’s really hard to avoid cynicism about it, is that deep down we all have a little politician inside us, always looking to put a favorable spin on things and preserve our egos and reputations. Granted, some amount of ego is actually adaptive as long as it’s not carried too far, like to the point of arrogance and narciscism, but rather when its needed to keep us from terminal depression about our own existence.

I think that the best of us are those who strive to minimize the ‘politician within’ and maximize our diligence in being open about those things…

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