trench existence

2 comments on “trench existence

  1. Rather interesting effects you used with this vid, quite good. I’ve noticed in your dance elements evocative of the style of classical India, particularly the hand gestures. Much of it seems uniquely your own, or at least I’m inexperienced with having seen anything very much like it before.

    This is good, because it shows creativity, a skill with improvisation, and that’s useful for more than just keeping our minds healthy and active into our later years; it’s darned fun too, and that’s always an incentive.

    • thank you, Troy. there’s nothing I’d rather do than dance. I’m supposed to perform this dance daily and wherever I’m called by the Spirit i must go. It’s scary but it’s like everyone knows i must do this altho some are hostile because they recognize shiva’s dance. but i do not come to destroy what people value. that is the way of the past. i bring the tantric rites that will blend the left and right, the darkness and the light. i bring peace.

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