may the force be with us

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life is full of surprises.
it is also full of instinctive moves that at first may not make sense.
when i started following Troythulu’s blog i did so because of his sense of humor.
i love a rapier wit.
as i became  acquainted with him i discovered a kindred spirit.
it doesn’t matter that our ideologies appear to be opposite.
Troythulu, thru his awesome fractals, provides me with the clarified vision i need…
the vision i need to pursue the unbelievable.
yes, life is full of surprises.
thank you, Troythulu.
you make me feel better, do better, see better, …
you bring me closer to what i seek.
thru your visionary art…
i see the solution to every problem.
now there is only one thing left to do…
prove it.
you inspire me to continue.
thank you, Troythulu.



2 comments on “may the force be with us

  1. Thank YOU, Zor’ra… Your posts help keep me grounded in our common humanity, in that there is more to life than science, logic, and math. We are small things, and the universe so much vaster and grander than we. Science can tell us this, but only as human beings can we FEEL the majesty of it all, feeling both small and at once very large indeed.

    • hi Troy. i honestly feel that the missing link is basically the perfect blend of science and spirit. you see, science is like the cup into which to pour the drink. the drink is the spirit. the cup can stand alone but if left empty it will never be fulfilled. one can drink without a cup but it’s going to be messy and most of it will slip thru the fingers. if combined then you have a practical way of quenching the thirst of the soul. this is not a perfect analogy but hopefully it serves well enough to clarify my point. perhaps you have a better analogy…

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