a million dollars and a fast car

once upon a time this was my answer when asked if i wanted anything:
a million dollars and a fast car…
i wonder…would  a million dollars and fast car be useful to me now? you would still hunt , follow, harass, shock, shake, and rattle my brain-cage like crazy.
what good would a million dollars and fast car be then?
well i could run you over if my car were a semi-automatic-locomotive bat mobile and  i could use my million to get lost. lost. lost.
but this planet ain’t’ big enough for me to hide. you would just come back wearing different bodies. doubled in number.
and my loco bat mobile would be wrecked atop a pile of zombie-fied kill the freak machines cause i’m sure to run out of gas before i run out of zombies.
ok so what do i want now? nothing. nothing at all. nothing that i haven’t already had…
how about you? what do you want seek???
 you want to know my secret. you want to know how i survived that many blasts without permanent brain damage.
well, who say’s my brain wasn’t already damaged??? or maybe i’m a zombie too.
ok i admit it.  i pray a lot. and i’m a half zombie with friends in high places. apparently they want me to gut this gig out.
yay me. ain’t that’s great???
who wrote this freaking script??? i’m getting bored, bored, bored.
how about you? are you bored too? i know, i know you just want to get it over with…
but i can’t die. not yet. well, actually…never. it’s a long story…
anyway, there’s still more work to do. there is a world full  of work to do and little time to do it. so, how about we join forces?
i’ll show you where the power is if you show me that your heart is real. the other guys will leave you empty handed and you know it. think about it.
welcome to ‘the chronicles’ where a good time is always waiting in line behind the next electro mojo blow yo ass up show.
cool. science and black magic. wait til i tell Troythulu…
bravo, kids, bravo.
but ypu could do better.  you could start with being honest. even have some fun n the process. that’s where being a haelrazor and the New Day starts.


4 comments on “a million dollars and a fast car

  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Zor’ra, though I have my doubts as to my worthiness. 😉 But black magic and science?..very cool, and a major theme of some tales I’m currently reading by Stanley Sargent in the Lovecraft tradition.

    In the setting the stories take place in, magic is simply the true physics of the universe, hidden from the mewling masses of humanity for it’s own sanity and safety, but also making it vulnerable to the true powers that be in the cosmos.

    It’s not that these beings are evil, just that they are ‘dangerously indifferent to the human condition,’ and beyond our ordinary conceptions of good and evil, caring nothing for our foibles or for us.

    I can’t say absolutely that reality is or isn’t like that, but it does seem to lack any concern for us, and there are any number of ways we could be extinguished as a species, even as a world, by all the ways the universe could kill us at any instant, from wandering black holes to asteroid collisions to the Sun throwing a temper tantrum our way.

    But I also think that there is much, even in our own petty human sphere, that we can do for each other, so much good that needs to be done. Even if we are alone in the universe, something I think unlikely but possible, we still have each other on our tiny world, and I think we need that more than anything else.

    • hi, Troy. of course you are worthy and you know it. 😉 i thought you would be intrigued by the combination. science plays an equal role in any spiritual practices that actually works. it’s not black magic alone that employs science but for some reason the acknowledgement of science as the basis for every religion manifestation has been tabooed by the orthodoxy. personally i think it was done deliberately to keep the masses in ignorance.

      ironically it may even have been the science of black magic that put some kind of a spell on religious folk because no matter what you say it’s like they cannot see the logic in accepting science as part and parcel of religious practice. they are utterly convinced that it is evil to take a hand in the control and manipulation of manifestation. of course i’m talking about the purist Christians, many of whom i find to be extraordinary individuals, aside from their condemning attitude towards my spirituality.

      i love how you see the indifferent attitude that other beings exhibit in regards to the people of earth. you are describing what heaven sounds like from my point of view. in other words, i think there needs to be an adjustment in the way we handle conditions on a cosmic scale. they use the cosmic law to hold balance and the cosmic law does not discriminate. it just acts. but there are beings of higher evolution who are appointed to remedy the situation that came from allowing a people to go so far out of alignment with the great scheme of creation that they now face the hammer of annihilation due to their in ability to tow the line.

      if the creator is a father, then why would he let the children have license to use free will to cause such destruction? maybe he didn’t see it coming. after all that’s why experience is so valued. it is a fact that children do better when given strict guidelines until they acquire a natural sense of discipline. now i’m not talking ‘stern’ but rather very firm and persistent enough to keep a child on track.

      now someone created us and quite possibly they just set us loose like some animals do with their young. there are others though who have looked upon us with compassion and made the effort to keep us going. it is a theory of mine that the kingdom of eden never would have fallen from grace if somebody had cared enough to intervene before the crash. plenty of non-earthlings saw it coming i’m sure but they probably figured it wasn’t their problem. but to see people head for disaster and do nothing to help is pretty close to evil in it’s outcome. like you said, we have each other because we need each other more than anything else.

      • I sometimes think back to the old phrase “When they made you, they broke the mold afterward,” though I add a twist – that they broke the mold first, and then made me. That would explain my condition rather well. But it’s important to move forward in life – there’s no going back. It would be very nice if I could break down the walls I’ve put up, but I don’t know if I’m capable of that anymore.

      • Troy, i don’t imagine there is anything that you couldn’t do if you set your mind to it. personally i like walls. people have no respect so how else are you going to keep them at bay? but if your walls are blocking your view and impeding your progress then you might want to restructure. it’s hard tho cause it’s all invisible. psychological. intangible yet palpable.

        only you know what’s right for you, but it sounds like you want something to change. i know you already know what to do cause you are as sharp as sharp gets. maybe you just need to be encouraged. follow your own sage advice. like you said, use the brain. if in doubt, use the brain. you are fail safe ready, my friend. if only i were that smart i wouldn’t be the whipping post of the year.

        you see, my mold was broken beforehand too. you know why? so i could work out a solution. inside we are better formed than most therefore better qualified to find the solution to what ails those who are truly botken. that might sound arrogant but it’s not. it’s tough to be where we are because we are required to produce something against the odds. but it’s also a very cool opportunity and for that i am grateful. almost as grateful as i am to know that i’m not entirely alone. at least not today. 😉

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