i have a dream


when i was very young i used to imagine that i would be a traveling dancer. i would perform  anywhere i was welcome, hopefully getting paid enough to avoid starvation. 

later i realized that to be a haelrazor was the goal for me…so i  began to imagine that i lived  in a big city…

or maybe i would travel from town to city to town to city….finally arriving at the big apple.

did i ever tell ya?

i love the road…and i love the night life…

i’d only come out at night (being  the lean and hungry type) seeking to find with my razor sharp night eye

all the ‘hotspots’ of electro-magnetic imbalance.  

then i’d fix’em. haelrazor style.

i saw myself running like the wind thru the streets,

doing the leap n slide over moving cars,

jumping effortlessly across the rooftops from building to building…

with guitars wailing and angels weeping…

it’s haelrazor!


stop the boat!

haelrazor to the rescue?

such a foolish rebel am i but truly i do seek to serve a just cause.

is it even possible?

anything is possible.

it’s a leap of faith, baby.  

we are haelrazors, inc.

coming soon to a hot spot near you. 



2 comments on “i have a dream

    • don’t forget the bat mobile. please bring a million dollars for keeping the tank full. plus i need some dr.pepper and oreos. please. thank you, james. you’re the best! 😀 😉

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