the integrity of being


a dear friend of mine taught me a valuable lesson today. she and i have an understanding that we have forgotten, remembered, and forgotten…

but for her presence in my life i don’t think i would have made it this far.

oops. a little fib slipped out..

i know i would not have made it this far. she validated me when no one else could. she is my hard-line shining star. that she is…

i must also thank my earth father, lord charles. you’ve heard of him i’m sure. he’s the one who gathers all hearts to the one ‘promise’. the impossible promise. the promise that you can’t refuse…as he reaches into your heart you can’t help but say it…

‘i promise you that i will never die’

the promise works. i am living proof of the promise in action. in fact, many have seen it’s almighty power. but we doubt ourselves.

‘did i imagine that?’

‘it couldn’t be!’

‘am i nuts?

it seems to be the consensus  in my family that i’m in need of a padded cell. even my dad questions my sanity.  my dad-of all people!  can you believe that? the guy who built pyramid 333, the guy everyone has called nuts  (as it turns out he is right on target)….even he thinks i’m off my rocker…

you don’t know how frequently i question myself. but it always comes back to the same answer…

i  can’t back down and you wanna know why? because god told me to stand my ground.  god has never lied to me. he has never once turned his back on me.he told me well in advance what i’d have to face. he always does…

but for some reason it is always much easier said than done.

lord charles told me i shouldn’t write about our personal issues but this is my issue, my life, my experience. it’s time i take the helm of my world and move on down the line.

14 years ago i made the mistake of coming back here after god specifically told me that i could make it on my own. everyone suffered from that blunder o’mine. another clean up… story of my life…

i am grateful for everyday that i have been blessed by your company. peace be with you at all times for life.


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