the union of the earth


aren’t they beautiful?  they are a gift from your heart.  thank you. 

everyday i will strive to fulfill my promise.  i will never give up.  you know that much is true.

Lord Charles said i was a quitter.  if that were true i would have been dead long ago.

but i do have a very foul temper. remember Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?
‘and control your temper!!! ‘ said the cursed company of the cursed beast.

beauty is in the house .  behave yourself,  haelrazor.  behave yourself and be true to your word.


so be it


2 comments on “the union of the earth

  1. Excellent post, Zor’ra. There are times when I’m feeling a bit grumpy, like this evening when our cat Rocky got outside and led us on a merry chase, almost getting himself torn apart by going into the neighbor’s yard, and risking an unfortunate run-in with their dogs. I was angry, and it took all I had not to show it. But I let it pass…Rocky doesn’t deserve to be ill-treated – it simply is not to be done – and he wouldn’t have understood why if it were. If I find myself really annoyed I can always ask myself, “Would letting it out that way lead to a positive outcome? No? Then don’t do it. Calm down. The consequences of doing otherwise aren’t worth it.”

    • thank you, Troy. i agree with your ideology. what wise rationale you practice. typically disrespect is what gets me going but then again disrespect runs rampant. it must be the ‘last straw’ that triggers the anger. i just let shit slide for too long. that’s my bad. i feel that our reason for existence is to become master of ourselves by constructively directing the energy that we use. cause and effect is unavoidable so releasing that much hardened force is careless and very harmful to everything we contact. people don’t usually see energy that is released from the feelings but it definitely makes an impact according to its qualification. i find that controlling the temper is much easier than cleaning up the direct as well as the collateral damage. the next time i want to break something i will think of what outcome will follow the blast. better to redirect and find another way to conquer the beast. thank you so much, Troy, for your sage advice. you are a gem. Z

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