to no end does it part…


i look at this picture often. my mother and my daughter.  how very precious they are to me. i am so grateful that i could give this gift to my mother. she loves my daughter as i love my daughter. this is true love.

my mother has always been possessed by an entity-an unintended curse passed down from her mother. the entity hates me. thus it appears that my mother hates me enough to kill me.

but this is an illusion. the entity is easily mastered once i target the real problem. and the problem is the way i feel about the appearance…

the appearance is that i am thoroughly hated by the one person in the world who should love me unconditionally.

this feeling, this attitude. is selfishness on my part. i do not require my mother’s love to survive. my mother, on the other hand, will need me and all the love i can muster if she is to survive the intention of the entity’s master.

may all the pain you have ever known be released. may you go forth free from the sorrow that has bound you,  dear mother.

do you know i love you enough to die for you? right now. right here. anytime. anywhere. but now i will love you enough to gratefully continue this life until the job is finished. evil only lives if you reverse life’s intent, which is to give and take in balance following nature’s example.

so then may evil be returned to live in the light of god that never fails to make all things right for those who serve that light well. and even for those who don’t. freedom is for all.

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