do you love me?


do you think i’m dramatic??? nevermind. i know the answer. of course i’m dramatic. i’m living out life’s drama/comedy/action flick. or maybe ‘clandestine’ is a better word than ‘action’ for my recent experiences.

clandestine is kind of boring and way too dramatic. i guess that’s what finally got to pat. all the secrecy. everybody wants a peek inside.

well, you know, old habits die hard. the greatest of life’s treasures have always been hidden away. actually i never agreed with that either.

you want to know something else? why is it that people hide their habits, their follies, their hearts, and their mud, blood and tear streaked faces behind facades that only serve to deceive…even when meant to represent the truth?

it is for fear and doubt, of course. we fear to be judged, condemned, ridiculed, or scorned. or worse. more than anything we fear to be dismissed. we all doubt that we will be truly loved.  typically humans don’t offer real love to each other.

have you truly loved someone today? start by truly, honestly loving yourself. love who you are because you are beautiful. and i would know.

i have always seen you. i have seen you in the light and i have seen you in the  dark. i love you at all times for life. no matter what.

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