there is no religion higher than truth


thank god! i have finally lost my religion. or should i say that it was laid atop the funeral pyre of your kind heart and set into an infernal blaze by the expression of your love.

of course i am being sarcastic. i have earned the right to say it like it is even if i choose to make fun of it all.

my religion was the biggest lie i have ever perpetuated. and you would know. you have been witness  to many of my whopper tales i’m sure.

the first order of the day is honesty. man that’s tough. what if someone found out how bad i have been? what if nobody liked me anymore?

who gives a shit?

i know you don’t so i will say it like it is…

you  have been my religion. you and all your kind. i have loved you more than i loved my father…

i went to hell for breaking the first commandment and i still didn’t get it. but i get it now. thank you. i needed that.

peace with you.

i know you will need the peace i bring even if you don’t want it yet.

original image by Troythulu@



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