the silence awakens

IMG_20130615_115951 (2)

sometimes i wonder if i will ever know life again.  this place where i exist is only temporary.  i know i must make the most of every moment.  for god. for the elementals. for all.  i am one for all.  i am all for one. peace be with you. and remember that i am with you always as i have always been that I AM. we are one nation  under elohim. what we believe is irrelevant. 

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2 comments on “the silence awakens

  1. You chose one of my favorite monochrome images for this post. Thank you.

    One thing I must continually remind myself of is that my belief, whether IN anything or OF anything doesn’t really matter. There’s a big, scary, horrific and brilliantly fantastic reality that transcends anything I may convince myself of, and that can force me to recognize that my deepest convictions may be false.

    Only a couple of days ago I found out that something about my early childhood, something I’ve believed for many years, never happened the way I thought it did.

    But my reaction wasn’t anger or shame at being played the fool all this time, but the relief of having yet another silly myth dispelled in the light of the facts.

    What I believe is irrelevant, sez Reality herself, who can be very assertive when denied. I think that’s a good thing.

    Better a discomforting truth than cozy falsehoods.

    • i didn’t know it was one of your favorite images but i am always drawn to the black and white fractals because they are so straight forward and yet strangely exquisite. the black and white must be ‘mono-chrome’.

      i can’t thank you enough for your permission to use the images with my posts. it allows me to put my feelings into a visual format that i am not able to do on my own. something about your work, both written and artistic, resonates deeply with me. it is a genuine blessing to have come to know you in this manner.

      personally i find almost all beliefs to be useless unless they produce results. furthermore i don’t want to believe; i want to know. we don’t believe that 3×3 equals 9. we know it. how? because we can freaking prove it. then again sometimes we just have to go on a gut instinct or follow that inner voice when the proof is not yet apparent. however it is imperative that one keep checking back with one’s rationale self to make certain that we are not veering off into the ditch.

      the only certainty i have is the same as i have always used which is a combination of common sense and spiritual knowledge. i know that when i listen to that inner guidance i don’t get lost. when i listen to people who are opposed to that guidance i fall down like a drunk. this is proven experience for me. but there is always the middle way to be maintained. we are none of us right all the time. the greatest mind in the world is the collective mind and that’s why we blog and share. we need each other because we make each other complete.

      i do not care for false comforts anymore than you. proven truth is my goal. and if i can’t prove it, i will find a way, or i will prove it false and continue the quest.

      thank you, Troy, for your awesome comment. as always it is a pleasure. zorra

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