the renunciation

i was fooled again. the fool was stupid.  i really thought he loved me.  even he thought he loved me. he loved the home i had.  he loved the promise of a better life. 
during the move he began to turn away. i acted the bitch. frequently.  he always did bring out the worst in me.  now i know why women are so vicious.  it is for love or lack thereof…
i don’t want to be alone and i will be if i don’t let go. with him i discovered the meaning of lonely.  i was more lonely than i had ever known. 
he was sent to kill me.  yes i have always known.  stupid fool. yes i have been this often. far too often. forgive me. please. forgive me…
i got even with him tho. yes i did. i gave him life. and i gave him hope.  may he use it wisely…
peace be with you, my son. for i am already gone.
i am gone…for this is my going out. i am going all out to become now all one. but remember i am with you always even unto the end…but of course there never is an end…
to no end does it part says the lord of the one son. 
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original image by Troythulu@


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