silence the sorrow

haelrazor on alert

haelrazor on alert

as time has slipped by so have i slipped into another state of being, a whole new level of thinking and feeling. it still blows me away. i could easily walk down the road  to hop that mysteriously well timed long train that offers a uniquely different whistle to accompany my every mood.
i call her orion. she is the night train. the day train. the crazy train. the take me home, it’s been a long time coming train. she is both enemy and friend.  she is me, the zorrinator, on steroids. the badass comforter who never meant to be bad.
i have suffered enough to atone for my sins. i no longer need to prove that i am good. i am that i am. that’s all i need if i truly want to be free. it’s all i’ll ever need. now is the time ‘to BE’.
original image by Troythulu@


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