Be the Machine


I have had a great day. then I came to be among those for whom i must maintain the guard…it is these precious souls for whom i have unwittingly allowed myself to be wrecked against the rocks…and not just once. repeatedly. for I have loved the humans more than I love the father…
I have broken the first commandment. this is truly the height of selfishness hidden behind the facade righteousness.
prepare me then o’father to do what I must.  sustain this outer self and burn out the dross. in thee I do I trust. do not allow this outer self to lower the guard no matter how much i love. let my love for them become now within me what is required of me that i might be all that you need of me in the coming hour of the greatest need.
in the name of the prince of peace i do thank thee. i love thee, dear lord of hosts and i bless thee.

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