Do the Right Thing, Rambo Woman

A young fella named Timothy used to call me Rambo woman. I love Rambo. I relate to Rambo. If only I could be as good as Rambo. Rambo is the quintessential misunderstood loner. He will do anything to help someone for the right reason. Rambo is a sucker with a punch like no other. He does what’s right just because it”s right. He gives his heart, mind, and soul to the cause. He asks for nothing in return. Rambo exists only to serve a greater cause…

Is that even possible…??? Or is it just another Hollywood bull-shit-o-rama-who-thought-of-this-crap-a-looza?  You decide. I have a mission to accomplish. Code name: survival


3 comments on “Do the Right Thing, Rambo Woman

  1. That is an impressive arm! Kabbalah wisdom states that we are created to receive, as our Creator desires to bestow. Therefore, it follows that every action of ours is based on the desire to receive, i.e, material goods, power, approval, love. Does this make your Rambo a hero or just another self-centered human who figured out the hero’s rewards?

    • i would say it makes him both for we are the duality are we not? i am coming to understand that one must release the need in order to receive unselfishly. duality is so very interesting because it exemplifies a natural law which keeps the universe propelling forward while allowing the positive and negative aspect of creation to expand. or something like that… 😀

  2. The ultimate in bestowal, so say the Kabbalists, is to receive in order to bestow. I eat at your feast in order to please you for you prepared a feast of love for me. Receiving only to bestow our Creator. How does one give to a Creator who has everything and who wants to bestow….receive to bestow and become in harmony with the Creator. hugs, pat

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