There Can Be Only One

sometimes i think that i might not make it. after all i’ve crashed this bitch more times than i care to count. but maybe it was all just training. maybe i needed all those lessons. obviously i needed something.
i’ve learned to tell source exactly what i feel and exactly what i feel i need.  that doesn’t mean that i get a free pass. source and i have tossed it back and forth. we both have valid points.
i discovered that source is very willing to work out a solution for an issue before it becomes a nuclear fallout. every time that i’ve been condemned to death for some really big boo boo source was there to bail me out.
yes, i had to fulfill a few simple requirements. but nothing too big. especially compared to damnation. so, then why not talk to source about our tendency to be bad before it gets us in the shit pit?
i used to hide away from source for days and weeks on end when i knew i was screwing up. but what’s the definition of a screw-up? what’s the point of free will if we don’t screw shit up?
how much do we learn when we don’t have to fix what we’ve broken? how much do we know if we don’t know how to govern the dynamics of existence by being allowed to experiment?
nothing we do is bad so long as we stand toe to toe with source. why can’t we include source in all pf our choices? it’s not like source is going to stop us or disown us or any of that stuff.
source will always be there to give us what we need so long as we remember to keep source in the game right there beside us. there can be no separation if we want to be happy and free.
united we stand and divided we fall. why is that?
because there can only be one.  the all-one. the one in all. it’s time to play this game to win. its time to put source back in the game, on the frontline and in the pits.
don’t you know who has your back? it’s the one who beats your heart. it’s the big, bad god within you, my friend. it is the presence of life within every man woman and child on this planet.

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