The Voice of the Silence


An excerpt from the Voice of the Silence by H.P. Blavatsky

He who would hear the voice of the Nada, the “Soundless Sound”, and comprehend it, he has to learn the nature of Dharana.
Having become indifferent to objects of perception, the pupil must seek out the Rajah of the senses, the Thought-Producer, he who awakes illusion.
The Mind is the great Slayer of the Real.
Let the Disciple slay the Slayer.
When to himself his form appears unreal, as do on waking all the forms he sees in dreams;
When he has ceased to hear the many, he may discern the ONE – the inner sound which kills the outer.
Then only, not till then, shall he forsake the region of Asat, the false, to come unto the realm of Sat, the true.
Before the Soul can see, the Harmony within must be attained, and fleshly eyes be rendered blind to all illusion.
Before the Soul can hear, the image (man) has to become as deaf to roarings as to whispers, to cries of bellowing elephants as the silvery buzzing of the golden fire-fly.
Before the Soul can comprehend and may remember, she must unto the Silent Speaker be united, just as the form to which the clay is modelled is first united with the potter’s mind.
For then the Soul will hear, and will remember.
And then to the inner ear will speak-
H.P.B The Golden Book of Precepts

6 comments on “The Voice of the Silence

  1. Dear Zorra… you probably didn’t realize this, but you posted this for me. It’s both timely and important. Thank you. With light, James.

    • actually i did post it with you in mind for i knew i needed to do something rather than continue to do nothing. it’s a strange and deep responsiblity to blog with the intent that spurs us on. i thought you might be disappointed but i am honored by you instead. now i really have to do better. thank you for giving me a reason to blog on with a cause that matters to my heart above all else. zorra

  2. Before the Soul can comprehend and may remember, she must unto the Silent Speaker be united” I am becoming one with the Divine Voice, Silence. The Power is directed by silent thought. And so it is, Amen. hugs, pat

    • such is the quest to remain whole while within a world seperated by the illusory vibrations of deceit. the ocean must be matched with an ocean. just to hold ground you have to hold an equal pressure against opposition. that in mind i can see now why i keep getting run over. 😉 love and hugs, zee

    • why, thank you, Troy. i thought so too. the images produce a definite frequency. i think they chose themselves because your images are quite powerful and very direct in their expression. rather like their creator. 😉

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