The UnBroken

typically i won’t tell anyone about my problems. i guess i don’t want to weigh others down. i also know that they really can’t help me much so i don’t see the point.
but lately i have had my prayers answered by receiving confirmation from another about a situation that has very nearly ripped my heart to shreds.
this would be the third round.  i am done with this gun to my head. instinctively i know that there is something amiss in that which seems fair enough to some…but not fair enough to fool me again.
it’s hard being true to myself. i can’t tell you how many times i have sold out. i never used to be like that. when i was young i had nothing to lose so i didn’t back down from my convictions regardless of anyone’s opinion.
i tried it their way. it doesn’t work. we are not meant to live by other people’s demands, opinions, and manipulations. so im gonna be me…no matter what. right to the end. i have too much to lose by giving in.
i have everything to lose if i back down to fear. never again. this time i will stand. by God i will stand. i will continue on…with or without your love. i owe it to myself. I will never be broken again…

the sorrow


4 comments on “The UnBroken

    • and maybe that is why source chose to become broken into what has become we the people of this planet…for by so doing source found a way for love to become the power that sets all life free. thank you. ❤

  1. Zorra: I understand what you’re saying… it is difficult to be what I’ve recognized as my potential or “truth”, but as you say, all is lost if it is allowed to exist as an abstraction. I will revisit this post throughout the week as a reminder of what I already know is possible. Peace.

    • it is a tough road but we are strong enough to walk it. we do this for the many, the all, and for each other. nothing else matters but the precious people who have forgotten from whence they come. they are the children of God always loved and never forgotten. we are one. so happy to have you here beside me, James. peace be with you. zorra

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