The Call Compels the Answer~What Say You?

the call: the roar is deafening. i can hear the clickety clack. its the long train coming down the track. i am ready. or not? why do i wonder when i know full well the answer? do you hear my call? there is nothing for it but to stand strong and face the conductor’s song. can i do this? i have no choice. i made the pact with every last drop of blood. o’well. i don’t need it anyhow. let the games begin. what say you?
the answer: let not your heart be caught upon despair. there is naught that can take your freedom but acceptance of the appearance world. feel my presence more often than aught else. hold fast to the covenant of mindful silence~a discipline wherein awaits the key to freedom. be not concerned about the reason. prove one last time that faith is enough by which to accept my will as your own. by that faith you will be done with sorrow. is it really too much to ask? think of the alternative.  now listen and listen well. this is all important…full throttle determination is your passport to victory. even so in the midst of apparent failure. imagine the reaper’s blade upon thy neck. how determined would you be then? think on it. become a force of unparalleled determination. remember this well in the days that follow. you have seen the beast. the dark shadow waits. who is the master over hell? who will be the last haelrazor? be fearless. be dauntless. know who you are. do you remember? “silence and pathegorus”…what is your ‘path’? do you serve the ‘ego or’  do you serve ‘US’. silence is easy once you mark the choice with all the life left within the outer self. by that stand be steadfast. steadfast as tho your life depended on it.  let there be no return to what has come and gone. for this point has no return beyond the next step. what say you, haelrazor? what is your PATH? EGO OR US?

3 comments on “The Call Compels the Answer~What Say You?

  1. When Sai Baba was asked who he was, he replied, “I AM God.” People were outraged. How many people do you know who can look another in the eye and say, “I AM God?” Most people would feel embarrassed or blasphemous. How is it that we can not claim our power? We whine and make excuses, pretend to be humble, etc. and never allow ourselves to be the powerful hologram of God that we are. Good post as always, Zee. hugs, pat

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