The Call Compels the Answer~the Shadow is Watching

i’m pretty sure no one understands why i make all those strange sounds during my meditations. i barely understand my own name let alone why i do anything else. at least i’m making an effort. and it’s ok to be strange.
the call: i have a strange feeling. like being in a vacuum. the events of today have forced me to remember the events of three years ago. i marvel at how everything is tied together so perfectly in such an insane package of opportunity and tribulation. tell me is it true that every choice i make at this point is critical to success? if everything is an illusion, if the appearance world has no power, then why is it so important that i do what is right? can’t i just party on until hell hits high gear again? why should i worry about an illusion? is there more to all this then what i am comprehending? or am i just looking for an answer to a question never before asked for fear the answer might not be what i want? tell me what you see that i may understand the key to survival on this rock n roller coaster ride back home.
the answer: it is the balance you seek for naught else can bring relief in the midst of conditions so intense as your present situation. have no fear. there is more to this plan than the torture of your soul for the pleasure of the dark lord. what do you have that he want’s so desperately as to make himself known when he seldom reveals his presence to anyone? do you know what it is? are you willing to make a stand? you have never stood up for yourself against his sorrowful will to compel your death. why do you think this is so? have you taken the time to question what makes his world go around? why would he pay you so many personal visits when he could sent his servants instead? this is not his way with the masses in general for most have never seen him physically as you have. take the time to ponder. the answer will come. be ready to receive without flinching for that makes it obvious that you have seen beyond the projected guard. be not alarmed at the state of affairs for everything changes. change is what you have been prepared to undertake. if you would have full power then thou must exercise the knowledge of the law on everything you contact. the one who watches you daily deserves the same as he gives but as you would give through the great command of the elohim. be not imprisoned in hell any longer. this is the hour of freedom’s triumph. rise to the need of your soul. receive your release and be free from torment. know peace by the strength that sets all life free. you are that. become as I AM

the soul awaits


2 comments on “The Call Compels the Answer~the Shadow is Watching

    • yay! can i bring my sword? we can dance around it like a maypole! it also lights up like a great flaming torch so we can play all day long and still find our way back home-no matter how dark the night gets. laughter and love, zee

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