The Call Compels the Answer~The Mean One

i could spend hours of my life trying to make the perfect video (like that’ll ever happen). then i watched my daughter.  she just makes her vids, uploads before the camera stops rolling.  moving along all carefree and without apology. she’s my hero. i can only hope to equal that kind of bravado.

the call: so dear lord how do i deal with this new melodrama? did i err in my adamant attitude? i know i let my attention rest upon the condition too long but not  so long as my normal pattern. so then do tell me what it is that you know that i must know?  become now the power the sustains the outer self thru the battles that aim to wound. do thou guard all that i am against what would scar me to the bone once more. i am your servant. speak now thy command. may your indestructible will become now my own…
the answer:  it is tragic comedy to watch the sparring of one with the other. do you not know better than to react to his ignorance? what of thy vow of silence? tis ‘half-ass at best’ would be the student’s remark if he truly understood the value of your discipline. is it not your job to give assistance as he requires? are you not becoming too involved with the personality? how many times must they draw your blood before your learn to be wholly indifferent to that which does not concern your directive. i know it is tough out there but imagine how tough it would be had you been led into what he has known-so lost in ignorance as to hold hatred the only defense. be compassionate. remember. he is your responsibility not your friend. be thou the full power of the great command. give all unto the elohim within this man of god who has no memory of his own light as you have seen shining through him already. let your love for life be the guide in the midst of  this turmoil. what is there in this  argument but another war? war is death. will you be but the bitch of hell again? this is the  last day of good standing. be only that I AM unto all. even so unto war-for there I AM also.

freedom is assured

4 comments on “The Call Compels the Answer~The Mean One

  1. Detachment with love is definitely the key here. Regarding your dance, its softness shows that you are learning to secret of the martial arts…go with the flow of the energy. The water in the river moves around the rock in silent serenity. One thought came to me as I watched your video. Shamans often use movements of sweeping the energy of the heavens and of the earth toward their bodies, taking in what is needed. They complete the movement by sweeping back out to the Universe what they do not need or what they have transmuted into the healing Light of Love. Be at peace, all is as it must be, as the Source of All would have it be. There is only One. much love, dear sister, hugs, pat

    • thank you so much. it is the feeling of struggle that makes the struggle. it is letting go of the feeling that is key to being free. like unto the water that must flow unobstructed for the natural current to become it’s path. the earth must be respected as water must be willing to accept the path that is the natural course of it’s flow. in this way we are one with all. this is the very essence of what we stand for, yes? my sister, as always, you rally my heart to carry on. thank you. zee

  2. Dear Zorra… it is mesmerizing to watch you open your heart in a soft swirl of dance. Thank you for sharing such a personal and intimate part of yourself. Please know that you lift the hearts and minds of all those that you draw near. Warmest wishes, James.

    • then maybe it might be ok for by lifting others i lift myself. you are so kind and your words bring great solace. thank you, dearest James, thank you.

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