The Call Compels the Answer~The Purpose to Be

i hesitate to share this video as i am beginning a new phase of experimentation. i’m always afraid of looking like the idiot of the decade. so i guess that’s why i need to post it. down with the ego already

the call: i can’t remember the last time i felt truly happy. only in the memories of your grace divine so perfectly timed to the rhythm of all creation did i feel the kind of joy that is all-prevalent. i really don’t understand how this could happen when thou art so close to me in constant ministry. you have never, not even once, left me forsaken. so how did i get so lost and stuck in a rut of never-ending turmoil? could it, should it, would it have been better for me if i had never become so broken and desolate? was there truly a purpose to all of this?
the answer: do you want to know the truth or do you seek an answer just for the sake of comfort? would you have me as I AM or would you become the death of another through your lack of devotion to the cause? there can be no in between in the war zone. this is where all things come together by the power flame of the great command. it is your job to fix the cause of division. have you not seen how the powers of darkness work to drive between those who would, when left to the feeling of their own hearts, be willing to cooperate. do you not think it odd that the world has fallen apart by lack  of cooperation when you know full well that most people would do what is right but for the influence of those forces of which humanity knows very little? why do you think you have this knowledge if not to use it to lessen the weight of others? have you used that knowledge as much as you could have used it under all circumstances? do you consider your past performance the best of your heart can offer unto others? therein lies the reason for your lost state of being. all things are as you would have them to be by thy authority as co-creator. there is no wrong in what you have learned by the choices you have made no matter how far you have wandered from the original plan. the only wrong you have committed is forgetting to use what you have learned. may you know me as i know you. may your heart become forever true as you wish the hearts of others to be towards you. may all the world be your place of service henceforth. may you never forget your purpose.


2 comments on “The Call Compels the Answer~The Purpose to Be

  1. all things are as you would have them to be by thy authority as co-creator.

    Oh, yes, more and more I am understanding this. How often we fail to live by the standards we set for others. These posts are wonderful, Zee, and the new dance is better suited now. I like that you let us hear the music of your heart. hugs, pat

    • you know it was you who helped to get beyond feeling guilt for my mistakes. how perfectly we compliment each other and that is the great lesson yet to be learned. we all need each other if we are ever to be the fullness of our own greatness. we are all shining stars and the best gift we can give is to help each other to shine brighter than ever before. then there would be no jealousy, envy, doubt or fear for we would no longer be thinking of anything but giving to others that which we would have for ourselves. thus everyone’s cup would always be full. imagine that. 😉 with eternal gratitude for all that you do, zee

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