The Call Compels the Answer~Forgiveness I AM

It Begins
the call: by god within, by god that I AM, i refuse acceptance of this bullshit. this war has gone on since before i was born. war within the mothers. war against the fathers. war against those of us who are the children of she-a ruler ruled by satan. the unforgiven. this unforgiveness is the cause of war. war is death. fuck that shit. fuck it straight into hell and back again. may god have mercy on those who have been wrongly persecuted. may the arkangel Michael drive his blade right through this shit. right into the heart of the bitch who clings to vengeance. yea, even so, we will not serve up suffering like unto those who have been the accuser. for we bring freedom from pain. freedom from suffering. freedom from hell. in christ  jesus name, so be it. do thou Father, give me your orders. how do i go forth and stop this war? speak to me. dear god, do thou speak to me now…
the answer: be at peace and understand who I AM. nothing in this world can take your freedom. be thou comforted by your recent advancement. do not however take it for granted. this is that which i did warn thee of. take heed and listen well, my child. take heart in the knowledge that this is but a blustering appearance. it will subside and disappear as quickly as you ignore it. yet do thou take the stand. take your stand even now. send forth a legion, a legion of fire is at your command. call for the power of the great command to be thy champion and take hold of thy sword. the flaming sword of divine justice. do thou strike with the heart of an innocent child that seeks only to release fear from its bondage. take no heated discussion but draw thou deep within. be thou silent. heed well my warning: BE SILENT. let them war upon each other while thou dost consume the shadows that follow. be on it like a tyrant ready to grab every throat yet let not the throat be human. grapple only the force that has been unleashed like a whirlwind of demons. stand with the arkangel and call thy presence of fiery christ love into thy tongue. be the authority that speaks when speak you must. heed me, dear one. wear your suit of armor made of the rarest gold spun only from the elohim of silence. bear well the torch of forgiveness that never bows to the will of hatred. be the authority that sets all life free. free without limit. you are given my blessing. use it for your children’s children even unto the last one ever born into this world. you are free now so be free. you have come to resurrect hell. do so then with honor.
the call: how may i ever repay thee for the gift thou hast given? there is but one way. and really there is one way only…by thy love shall i serve without thought of what i must do other than to honor thy word. what is there to lose when all else is done, used, futile and broken? this is the hour of remembrance. the hour when i remember who I AM. this is the hour when i take your hand and hold on until it is done. yea, even farther, thereafter and forever let us never be parted in word, deed, or action. haelrazor bows to no one but God alone-the great I AM ALL-ONE forevermore I AM that yes I AM. in thy name may thy will be done in the one mighty stroke of the great command of love.

Every Knight Brings the Dawn


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