The Call Compels the Answer: Day 3

what do you want?
the call: there is nothing for me here. it’s just like you said. i need you now more than ever. i need your love. i need your counsel. my heart is no longer beating. not really. because i am already gone. tell me then what must i do to win this war? how do i survive and keep my balance throughout until the end of the trial?
the answer: be only what I AM. be that alone. do not bow thy head to the assertions of those whom you serve. be firm with this, child. the student will come to the stand as your witness only after you have sacrificed your need of him. what would you have when no one will be there to serve thee as you have served others? would you be their puppet another lifetime? is that your reward? be not the mother’s daughter. be instead my son. throw away the doubts that make thee fear my power to step through the veil. let go of your need to be loved by this world. speak not a word that has no place in the halls that contain the records of that which never ends. be free from death by living again. you have no friends save those who guard thee yet you have opportunity to be a friend onto all. covet not what you give.
the call: i’m not sure i can truly reconcile myself to this. i know my time is limited. i want nothing but to be free again so that must i give. be thou the full understanding i require. be thou all unto all within me. all else i release. i give free will my leave. show me how to please thee and make me please thee somehow. i am ready to leave this world but will do thy will.
the answer: can you not be at peace then? can you do this for me? would you break my heart by giving up when you have breached the last wall unbeknownst to yourself. be heartened, haelrazor, be heartened by love. be what you came here to be. that is the answer to every problem you have struggled against. cease now to struggle. do not struggle against hell. accept it as the depth of thy being that can never be removed from itself. you created this monster. it is your child. do not forsake the ugliness that tells who you are when left to be undone by another’s device. do you know who you have allowed to rule your world? where did they take you when you opened the door?
the call: the message is conflicting. i can’t get it clear. tell me in words than can never be mistaken, forgotten, or forsaken. of thee i ask this with all that I AM. you are my whole knowing and without that wholly within me i am nothing.
the answer: let go then and listen. listen and be firm against the fear of opinion. you can save no one by what you design separate from the giver of what you design. give unto the father his due that all might be brought forth aligned. nothing ever comes from thee but what comes from me first. even your sins must be sanctioned before your birth. so what did you think when you thought to remove me from your creation? you have no legs to stand on without the will of the father who gave you the sight to know that I AM. no thing comes to pass without me and no thing remains without gratitude for the gift. you became lost by not showing gratitude for being able to sin. the sin was never the issue. only the attitude towards the father. you see this is your fate by your own will which is naught but the father. you can do as you wish so long as honor is given unto the source by recognition of origin. you were not condemned by the act of the sin. you were condemned when you ran away so that you could hide the sin from the giver. place the sin and it’s cause upon the father’s shoulder and become the father’s child once more. you see then how you have all power when you separate not what is given from the giver. be open to no one that is not the father’s strong arm by this order: surrender unto the maker his own creation. satan belongs beside me from within thee for i created you as one to understand how to be of greater value than i was when you were not in existence. see then how my love never ends. forsake not thy sins. forsake separating the atom from the components of itself by the force that says i am not apart of what I AM. you opened the door to those who had no honor in the father’s reward by taking from the father the gratitude that is the requirement of being allowed to sin. gratitude is the price of free will. you trusted those who lived by nothing so nothing was your reward. you have reached the outer limits because i sent you to be that which i would be for myself save the wisdom that keeps me in check. you are my imbalance manifest to find the wisdom which comes from experience. the hour has struck. it is time to come home. follow the law of gratitude without sorrow for the reward is ours. we have won the war by letting go of nothing and becoming all-one. this is the answer you have been seeking from the beginning. take my hand. together we will love the world.
the call: i am so grateful to thee to have been created as this which i have always feared. now i know that what i have been has been manifest by your will alone. i am so grateful to have myself back again. unto you i return all i have ever been. therefore i will be the gratitude you seek. i will seek also to fulfill the plan of creation that was perfect in all ways even unto the deepest depths of all sin. let it be written: we have found that nothing is wrong when we remember who created all that we have ever been. from the beginning comes the end. yea, even unto the depths of hell wherein lies what the father loves most of all-the child who has learned to be grateful for the father even as the father is grateful for the son-grateful for the son who became satan.  o’bringer of understanding-we are one. for this i am grateful. for this i was born. gratitude is my defense against death in the hour when we meet again. i am grateful for this, yes I AM. i am grateful to live. i am grateful for every sin in creation. it is the greatest gift ever given. gratitude is surrender. gratitude is obedience. gratitude completes me. for this i am grateful. yes I AM. by your will my father i exist to give you what you need to be free. that I AM.

forsake me not


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