The Call Compels the Answer: Day 2

sunshine of my love
the call: what is it that keeps pulling me off track in regards to my mindful speech? why does it seem impossible?
the answer: examine closely thy use of words and what they are in contrast to your service to the light. therein lies the answer. your willingness to serve is undermined by desire contrary to love’s cause. be at peace and look deeply. see the truth that is revealed and dwell upon it constant. do so now. dwell until the answer is unveiled.
the call: my use of words is based on a desire for acknowledgment.
the answer:  you desire recognition as an entity separate from the one cause. the cause of love that is all of itself unto all yet lacks nothing of itself by not wanting for itself what is fleeting.
the call: I can see yet I see not naught but the void. this place is so empty. why must I dwell here?
the answer: dwell not in the darkness but look to the light wherein lies your identity. this is the dwelling of thy truth without counsel from your ego.
the callthere is no compromise in this other self, this higher self of mine. it will not bend to fit in and it is not such as this world would have for their own.
the answer: and thus should thou be also. no word should pass by the lips but that they reflect the son of god within, unblemished by personal intention. bereft of all thought but that which blesses all. measure each phrase by this and know mastery over ego.
the call: how do I govern this anger that arises from dealing with the personalities?
the answer: turn first from the cause, the appearance and the personality concerned. let the attention be upon the presence of life and it’s purifying love that conquers all. be adamant against indignant speech or reckless feeling. take hold of yourself as you would a tyrant. silence your mind and dwell within for the answer that will reveal what the outward motion must unfold. be firm with personalities that they are not given authority to dictate thy direction. be indifferent-unmoved by their intent. be the cause of love that serves all yet accepts no master but the one god. do not yield what is your truth unto those who oppose thy heart. be without fear or expression of arrogance.
the call: will i succeed this time? do i truly have the strength?
the answer: if you are willing to do serve we will give you what you require but you must not become as they are to win their approval. if you do so wreckage will be the result. would you have this lesson again? would you be the victim of your own foolishness after you have recovered from death? there is no further path to mark, child. be thou satisfied with your success. do not test this path again.
the call: well how in god’s almighty name do i prevent that part of myself that seems possessed with this penchant for screw-ups?
the answer: take the time to see who is it that has led thee astray and why? that is the question of the ages. the answer is your salvation. your answer will bring victory to all those you contact. take the time to consider full well the marked knowledge of your heart. you may find more than you dream possible. do not tarry. be quick as an arrow straight to the heart of the mark you seek. be silent with those you contact yet be the stride of balance. love without cessation all life you contact. this is thy station. do not leave it empty again. no more experiments without just examination before the council. your hope is our hope also. be thou the promise. back to bone

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