The Call Compels the Answer: Day 1

accept me as I AM
the call: is my lack of mindful speech once again the culprit that allowed this to arise or is it all a part of my training and lesson to be mastered?
the answer: you must be mindful of all emotions which circulate through the feeling world. it was not the words which allowed but rather the feeling. the feeling is governed by being mindful of that which issues from the mouth. never should a word be spoken until you have mastered the feeling which does propel it. watch the feelings and their response to another’s words or actions. watch how your feelings fluctuate even while seeing people on the street. to govern the speech is the surest way of taming the feelings for oft the feelings govern the speech.
the call: how shall i handle this situation especially when questions or opinions are posed which are relative to my personal business?
the answer: do you answer this person out of fear or respect? do you respect him when he crosses boundaries which you would not cross? why tolerate this? you have a choice. do not fear reprisal for that was your weakness the last time. have no fear but make not war. simply state your case and leave it at that.
the call: what ground work do i need to lay in preparation?
the answer: do not consider this to be a conflict. this is a purification. you have full authority to qualify what you say with all-purifying love. do not feel pushed into early exchange or defensive response. he will wait to learn what you have to teach. if your lesson is wanting then you shall have an uprising. take your time. be at peace. if his response appears to be negative draw within. if his response appears to be positive be warned for that is cause to draw within even farther for in this instance thou would be caught off guard more quickly than at any other juncture. be fearless. you have already faced death. he is not so much to handle.
the call: what is the most important thing for me to do at all times and what will provide the most effective relief?
the answer: are you truly willing to heed my words?
the call: yes i am. yes. i am willing. yes i am.
the answer: let go. i see you do not favor this response for it is your victory and by so heeding you will be free from sorrow. the forces which hold thee tighten their grip for fear of loosing their feast. you have nothing to fear. let go of needing what people give for it is not enough to sustain thee. your life depends on your willingness to serve. listening to others has brought you to nothing but defeat. let go of the ego that cares what others think of thee. your mother. your father. your son. your daughter. your friends. your enemies. your ego.
the call: how? how do i do that? i just don’t know how…show me. tell me. help me. please. help me…
the answer: then love me as much as you seek their love. look to me as much as you look to them for comfort. trust me as much as you reach outward for hope. take my hand and give unto me what you have given to the world. be fearless in your pursuit. if you are questioned take your stand that very instant…answer with the truth. look within for the answer. find your voice. speak not without intent qualified before the energy is released. let go of your ego that screams for attention. have you not tried all else?
so we meet again

2 comments on “The Call Compels the Answer: Day 1

  1. How much your lessons are mirroring mine. I need to read this every day…so full of wisdom. I especially like the idea of watching emotions not just our speech and also the good advice that we do not need to respond immediately. When I remember to do this, I say, “I need to give this some more thought. I will get back to you.” And then I do so the person knows I am not just putting him off. Sometimes, I just do not respond but just look the person in the eye. He knows when he has said something inappropriate. And if he does not, then I still do not need to respond. Silence is often the wisest response. Thank you for this thought-provoking write. hugs, pat

    • thank you, pat. now if i can just remember to pay attention to my own posts…lol…we teach what we need to learn…i am told by a lady whose wisdom i’d admire far more than she knows i am sure… 😉 hugs from me to you, zee

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