The Wind Cries…Freedom

how do i let go?
how do i move on?
how do i do what’s never been done?
by doing only what needs to be done.
by never again wanting anything from anyone.
by letting go of seeking a family that comforts.
by letting go of feeling rejected.
by proving undeniably the truth of all i see…
to be given unto those i love keeping naught for me.
by breaking the bitch into what she must become…
by giving all that is earned unto those i love.
how do i let go?
how do i move on?
will i ever know peace again?
let the world have peace instead.
what is this that i dream?
a world of infinite freedom.
does this place really exist?
’tis the heart realm of all creation.
what is this vision?
the truth behind the reason.
why do i feel so different from the rest?
i have no home on this planet.
am i ceasing to exist?
to this i am wholly indifferent.
i will never ask for this cup to pass.
you already know my answer.
this is all i was ever meant to be.
can you hear it?
the wind cries like a banshee
this is the rite of spring
i am ready
am i?
Cry Freeddom

4 comments on “The Wind Cries…Freedom

  1. Touching and honest. You are not alone with these questions. In the end, one must remember that we are Keepers of the Light, Guardians of the Truth, being of Source and as such, Beloved. It is difficult at times to love ourselves as we have been told for so long how wicked we are, how unlovable. But this was only to control us, to make us do what others demanded. How can we, created by our Creator, be anything other than a Divine Being here on Earth to help others and in doing so expand our possibilities? Be at peace, Dear One, all is right with the world…One with the Creator and with all others. hugs, pat

    • thank you, Pat. i will do my best to keep up a good attitude even when i’m feeling at my lowest. i find gratitude to be the best medicine. love you so much, zee

    • why, thank you, James. i am deeply honored by your comment as well as by the company of your presence. i enjoy nothing more than sharing with those like yourself. i look forward to the experience of getting to know you thru your remarkable contributions. you are a kindred soul. ๐Ÿ˜‰ zor’ra

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