For the Love of Us

for most of my life my heart has been broken

broken by those who deemed themselves better

better than what?

better than HaelRazor?

well, duh! dum dum!

that wouldn’t take much, now would it?

but have you the power of forgiveness?

do you have the eye to see

how to do for me

what i have done for you?

can you see me like i see you?

oh no you don’t altho in time you will

for unto you i will give the impossible

but to do that i must say adieu  

though not forever

yes i must

 must be alone

to be all-one

 become whole again

armored by the strength

that loves without losing itself

to the demands of your war

against the freedom

to be just me

as i am




I Will Always Love You


2 comments on “For the Love of Us

  1. I must say, Zor’ra, your writing is fascinating. I’ve dabbled in verse on occasion, but I’m not as accomplished as you…There are layers of meaning in your posts, insights into the complex mind that created them. Keep up the good work, and your search for what it is that you seek. Few of us have the strength to persist and find it.

    • wow! thank you, Troy. that means a lot coming from someone as level-headed as you. i don’t consider myself to be accomplished, not in the least, but your comment has given me much needed encouragement and i’m really grateful to you. thank you.

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