Into the Void

  • it’s hard for me to publish this post because now i am going into a new cycle and all the rules that i have allowed to dominate this outer self…
  • all the rules of human conformity…
  • those rules no longer exist because i can’t allow their existence in my world anymore.
  • it’s really, really hard…you have no idea…part of me doubts that i will ever be able to actually break through this…
  • but i’m not going to give up…no matter what…
  • after all…the Light of God never fails.
  • i do not doubt this, not for an instant…
  • i know the truth because i have seen and experienced the truth firsthand.
  • nobody can prove the truth for anyone else.
  • we must become the proof that we need from within our own beings…
  • by using empirical knowledge wherein lies the root of truth.
  • empirical knowledge is gained only thru experience…
  • this is KNOWING as opposed to believing.
  • by knowing the truth…having proved it through our own experience…
  • we will set ourselves free from the bondage of ignorance.

this too shall pass


4 comments on “Into the Void

  1. Step into the void and soar. Remember what you see in others is a reflection of your dark side. We all have this dark side and must come to terms with it and love it in order to be free of our fears. All is as it should be. Be at peace, hugs, pat

  2. Amazing movement. It stirred ancient memories. Deeply grateful.

    Just curious. Why would you invite “ridicules…” or “complaints” for that matter?

    • thank you. just seeing your comments has stirred an ancient memory within me. lol you know i forget about the comment “comment” but i’ve always felt it applicable thus far so i have never changed it. it’s my sense of humor on one hand and my experience on the other. i think it’s part of my therapy. when it’s complete then i’ll find something that suits the next cycle. this blog was not my idea but i’m allowed to be me here so i continue with pleasure and the occasional sarcastic twist that keeps me level-headed. altho level is what i make of it from day to day. 😉 with deepest respect, zorra

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