I Love You Hate Me Here I AM

I love this picture of H.P.B. I got to know her about 15 years ago and right from the start I somehow knew we would always be friends, even unto the end of time. One little misunderstanding tho…I could never figure out why she looked so solemn in all of her pics. I just couldn’t fathom it.
I remember thinking how lucky she was, with the greatest knowledge in this Universe resting right beneath her finger tips. Hell, she even knew the mahatmas personally. Geez, what more could a girl want??? Well…now, I stand corrected. Oh, yes, dear H.P.B., I surely do. This road is tougher than it looks…
Anyway, the video below provides a fair illustration. My sidekick forced me to watch this goof-ball-gone-psycho ‘Supernatural’ show, then oddly enough I began to see how it reflected my own life. Now how much does that suck? All I can say is that I hope I don’t look that far-out-there from the outside, but then again it’s only my bankrupt ego on the line.
Just like moi, Sam and Dean know how to roll with the punches even if they do end up in Hell at least once every season. They even know that purgatory and Hell have different time zones, plus they have empirical experience with the fact that both ‘getaways’ offer the ‘most excellent’ extreme-sport methods of torture imaginable.
Oh, my God!!! Do I always sound like a TV get-real-or-overdose-already-ya-mega-la-drama show???
Nevertheless, there will be peace when I am done altho I don’t mind if I never get to rest so long as there’s some good music with a beat that I can march to during my eternal servitude down in the pits of existence. Whatever comes I will face it head on with all the knowledge that I have gained during the never-ending tour of ‘damnation’s unlimited’…
There is no doubt about it-I will by grace survive to be victorious on this, the dreaded mission…by the Power and Rhythm of the Great Command I am at long last become that I AM. So listen up, Zor’ra, and listen well… there will be no more sorrow! Be thou free again…and suit up, girl…’tis the time to rock like a hurricane…and roll like the mother of all locomotives…
Whooo hooo & yippee ki-yay!

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