Symphony of Science – ‘We Are All Connected’ (ft. Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye)

suddenly i’m dialing into something quite different
i wonder where this will go and how i will end up
do you, dear God, think that i will make it this time?
will i have the strength to carry on to the finish line?
you tell me that i’m strong
you tell me i’ve been down this road before
why did i choose to come back & repeat the lesson?
it was an experiment you say?
who’s brilliant idea was that?
may i ask?
no, no, that cannot be!
not even i would be
that kind of

The Wind Cries…Freedom

how do i let go?
how do i move on?
how do i do what’s never been done?
by doing only what needs to be done.
by never again wanting anything from anyone.
by letting go of seeking a family that comforts.
by letting go of feeling rejected.
by proving undeniably the truth of all i see…
to be given unto those i love keeping naught for me.
by breaking the bitch into what she must become…
by giving all that is earned unto those i love.
how do i let go?
how do i move on?
will i ever know peace again?
let the world have peace instead.
what is this that i dream?
a world of infinite freedom.
does this place really exist?
’tis the heart realm of all creation.
what is this vision?
the truth behind the reason.
why do i feel so different from the rest?
i have no home on this planet.
am i ceasing to exist?
to this i am wholly indifferent.
i will never ask for this cup to pass.
you already know my answer.
this is all i was ever meant to be.
can you hear it?
the wind cries like a banshee
this is the rite of spring
i am ready
am i?
Cry Freeddom

Ain’t It All Just Grand?!?

Joy is of the Saints

at least i still have my sense of humor

nobody knows just how much i need it

without my sense of humor i would have gone wacko

you think i’m wacko already don’t you???

well i promise i won’t disappoint ya’ll

just warming up for the big one

it’s time to rock n roll

are you ready?

after this

the big bang

will look like

a hiccup


just too much fun



For the Love of Us

for most of my life my heart has been broken

broken by those who deemed themselves better

better than what?

better than HaelRazor?

well, duh! dum dum!

that wouldn’t take much, now would it?

but have you the power of forgiveness?

do you have the eye to see

how to do for me

what i have done for you?

can you see me like i see you?

oh no you don’t altho in time you will

for unto you i will give the impossible

but to do that i must say adieu  

though not forever

yes i must

 must be alone

to be all-one

 become whole again

armored by the strength

that loves without losing itself

to the demands of your war

against the freedom

to be just me

as i am




I Will Always Love You


The Cynic Within Forgives Again

here I sit among the people…
I must learn to love them all over again…
I used to love everyone.
it was easy because I could always see the good within all people in spite of their human qualities…
then I went thru an experience that was like unto a near fatal head-on collision…
it happened, yes it did, within the unseen realm of my mind, heart, and soul.
I remember having a vision of the wreck just days before it came to pass…
I was standing on a railroad track…then the train plowed me down…
I could see my body come apart at every seam…
torn to pieces, just like the pieces of frankenstein’s creature…
the destruction was horrific-the very epitome of cataclysm…
no one really saw just how great the depth of damage
so much damage was executed upon this foolish servant
it took three years to reverse the devastation…
tho i took the fall, there were others involved
whose self-righteousness and karma I elected to purify
 a worthy trade for the salvation of my own life…
but now it’s hard for me to deal with people because I see how cruel they can be in comparison to how I deal with them…
I do unto others as I would have them do unto me but there is very little return from those whom I continually pardon.
yeah, yeah, i know that’s not the point, now is it???
it’s not their fault that I gave too much,
it’s not their fault that I opened up my heart…
it’s my fault and my fault alone…
by taking responsibility i became endowed with power to overcome…
even tho I was compelled to watch my world burn as i came close to death…
closer than breath is held close within the lungs-you’d better believe it.
finally now the cycle of damnation is come to its fulfillment…
a contingency plan that has become the cosmic fiery christ great command…
yet even still too much scar tissue remains in here…
nevertheless that’s easy to fix for the fire of creation is already regenerating the ashes of what was once a beating heart.
 I have to be willing to change my way of dealing with people by sticking hard and fast to my covenant with the elohim, lord maitreya and the great chohan.
the right speech of the buddha will set the tone for the next stretch…
buddha remains unsurpassed as the lord of balance…
for by his noble truths he held steadfast even in the midst of hell.
now I will be able to love people again with a love that never ends…
I will be for them the constant heart of indestructible love, forgiveness, and mercy…
for haelrazor was born to return good for evil…
even unto the devil himself.

haelrazor's live to forgive


The Root of All War

  • there will never be peace on earth until the cause of peace is understood…
  • the first step is to understand how peace was lost…
  • what is the opposite of peace???
  • the opposite of peace is war…
  • where did war start???
  • it started in the feelings.
  • watch your feelings, watch them like a hawk…
  • DISCORD (the opposite of harmony) has been set into action the very instant there is a feeling that is not the BALANCED expression of love, wisdom, and power…

  • every discordant feeling (no matter how slight the vibration) creates inharmony…

  • wherein lies the root cause of all war…

  • harmony in the feelings towards all other parts of Life is a manifestation of peace.

  • watch your feelings and pay attention to every cause you send forth

  • become the vibratory action of love, wisdom, and power in perfect balance…

  • every moment of every day…

  • do your level best…

  • just do it…

  • TRY.


Into the Void

  • it’s hard for me to publish this post because now i am going into a new cycle and all the rules that i have allowed to dominate this outer self…
  • all the rules of human conformity…
  • those rules no longer exist because i can’t allow their existence in my world anymore.
  • it’s really, really hard…you have no idea…part of me doubts that i will ever be able to actually break through this…
  • but i’m not going to give up…no matter what…
  • after all…the Light of God never fails.
  • i do not doubt this, not for an instant…
  • i know the truth because i have seen and experienced the truth firsthand.
  • nobody can prove the truth for anyone else.
  • we must become the proof that we need from within our own beings…
  • by using empirical knowledge wherein lies the root of truth.
  • empirical knowledge is gained only thru experience…
  • this is KNOWING as opposed to believing.
  • by knowing the truth…having proved it through our own experience…
  • we will set ourselves free from the bondage of ignorance.

this too shall pass


I Love You Hate Me Here I AM

I love this picture of H.P.B. I got to know her about 15 years ago and right from the start I somehow knew we would always be friends, even unto the end of time. One little misunderstanding tho…I could never figure out why she looked so solemn in all of her pics. I just couldn’t fathom it.
I remember thinking how lucky she was, with the greatest knowledge in this Universe resting right beneath her finger tips. Hell, she even knew the mahatmas personally. Geez, what more could a girl want??? Well…now, I stand corrected. Oh, yes, dear H.P.B., I surely do. This road is tougher than it looks…
Anyway, the video below provides a fair illustration. My sidekick forced me to watch this goof-ball-gone-psycho ‘Supernatural’ show, then oddly enough I began to see how it reflected my own life. Now how much does that suck? All I can say is that I hope I don’t look that far-out-there from the outside, but then again it’s only my bankrupt ego on the line.
Just like moi, Sam and Dean know how to roll with the punches even if they do end up in Hell at least once every season. They even know that purgatory and Hell have different time zones, plus they have empirical experience with the fact that both ‘getaways’ offer the ‘most excellent’ extreme-sport methods of torture imaginable.
Oh, my God!!! Do I always sound like a TV get-real-or-overdose-already-ya-mega-la-drama show???
Nevertheless, there will be peace when I am done altho I don’t mind if I never get to rest so long as there’s some good music with a beat that I can march to during my eternal servitude down in the pits of existence. Whatever comes I will face it head on with all the knowledge that I have gained during the never-ending tour of ‘damnation’s unlimited’…
There is no doubt about it-I will by grace survive to be victorious on this, the dreaded mission…by the Power and Rhythm of the Great Command I am at long last become that I AM. So listen up, Zor’ra, and listen well… there will be no more sorrow! Be thou free again…and suit up, girl…’tis the time to rock like a hurricane…and roll like the mother of all locomotives…
Whooo hooo & yippee ki-yay!

Bill Hicks + George Carlin: The Big Electron



This is worth watching especially if you have the courage to live your life outside of the indoctrination box…thank you, Troy, you always find the good stuff.  😉


That I AM…I Command Thee!

The HaelRazor Chronicles Day 1