Silence the Bitch

I like this new phase of video posts…it’s the most real I have ever been with anyone in this world. It’s a little scary cause I know that I am giving out the truth of how I really am and how my life is in comparison to the accepted standard. It doesn’t matter what people think so long as I am really trying to do the right thing. For the first time I am free to speak about what really matters to me. I listen to everyone else talk about their way of thinking and for the most part I simply listen, giving forth an unknown blessing. Now at least I won’t blow up and fall apart from keeping myself locked away in silence. God is merciful.The fact that I am still in this body is proof of that.

Be Silent


2 comments on “Silence the Bitch

  1. Yes, be your authentic self at all times. Our Creator made us uniquely us, so we need not be any different. It is not our job to “please” anyone, much less everyone. Dance your truth, Dear One! hugs, pat

    • In my case being authentic is a challenge due to my predominantly unaccepted perspective but I am getting better at it. Your support has made a huge difference and I am far more grateful than words can ever express. Thank you so much, Pat! Hugs back at ya, Zor’ra

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