A Heavy Load

Thank you, Pat. You hit the head on the nail again. You are such an open door that I can’t help but want to do better…and to be better. You hold me on track even in the midst of the storm. Hugs filled with love to ya always, Zor’ra

Source of Inspiration

Lighting the way

Lay down your burden, is
it not a heavy load? It is
you who chooses the task.
You descend into the dark
bringing light to those
who have lost their way.
You descend and can ascend
at any time. The key is
your intention.

Keep in mind that when you
act, you act in my place.
I am transmitting through
your every deed. Your thoughts
are sent to guide you. Beware
that you do not corrupt your
tasks with selfish desires.
They build a wall of
illusion between us.

I can be present in each of
your acts when you allow me
to manifest through you. I am
ever present; I am your very
breath. Your work is not easy
for many remain in darkness.
I am always with you. It is
impossible for you to be alone.
A host of beings stand guard for you.

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