Is It Just Another Ego Trip?

No doubt about it…I’m my own worst enemy. Half the time I can’t see straight for getting stuck on stupid. I don’t know why I need to do this new phase of video posts. I know that I’m not the world’s most exciting dancer…I only dance because it is the best  way that I know to spin the Merkava. As time goes on I will reveal everything that no one around me wants to know or hear me talk about…with you I will share what I cannot reveal to those in my personal world. This blog is the balance against my vow of Silence. It keeps me from loosing myself in the vacuum inside of which I have spent this entire lifetime.

This Is It


2 comments on “Is It Just Another Ego Trip?

  1. Watching you dance helps me give myself permission to move as I am led rather than “looking good,” I thank you for that. hugs, pat

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