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A couple months back I asked God about what my life would be like if I had not made so many life-altering mistakes. (Ever since my early twenties I have tripped, stumbled, crashed, burned, and jumped out in front of every crazy train available far more often than should have been necessary for me to get a clue…)
So as I asked the question and began to meditate upon what the answer would be, there appeared before my eyes a pop-up vision of the answer I was seeking. (I sometimes wonder if these pop-ups are just a bunch of crap, but somehow they always seem to contain an element of truth that compels me to investigate further…)
Now in this particular vision I could see myself out in the middle of a desert or a forest (or maybe it was a deserted forest) and I was holed up in a little radio station/house/setup from which I was broadcasting my very own radio talk show. LOL I remember thinking how in the heck did I end up there and why would I have a stupid radio show?
But, after thinking about it off and on I have come to the conclusion that maybe it was a metaphorical vision, and perhaps it is still coming to pass (in one way or another) regardless of how many wrong turns I have made over the years. I mean, isn’t this blog kind of like my very own station? And what’s with these crazy-talk-video-posts?
Mmmmm…Maybe, just maybe,  we end up right where we belong regardless of how difficult we decide to make the journey. Something to ponder during the lonely hours spent in a metaphorical deserted forest from which I broadcast via blog.

Station Identification


3 comments on “Crazy Train Blog Radio

  1. We do not learn from doing things “right” but rather from our mistakes. If this is true, I should be a genius. lol, Keep screwing up….you are getting wiser and wiser. hugs, dear one, pat

    • As always you are quite right. The Source is learning thru us by allowing us to ‘screw-up’ in the microcosm so as to prevent itself from making the same mistakes in macrocosm. The Universe would be a complete and total wreck if the Source didn’t have the wisdom to try everything on a small scale first. LOL Much love to you and great big hug too, Zor’ra

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