To Make All Things Right

In life there are many cycles. Each cycle is a another step. Even when I break down and fail the test, I know that there will be another chance to make it right if I but make the determination to never give up. All of my suffering has been for a purpose. The mistakes I have made are the individual expressions of my overall evolution. I forgive myself. I forgive them too. I have done my best. Yes, I really have this time. I screwed up big time. But they didn’t do much better. So, now we move forward. Letting go the hatred and guilt. There is nothing better than freedom. I free myself by freeing them. This is it. It is finished. The past is forgotten. To forget is the better  part of forgiveness. By forgiving all for all I am forgiven also. My heart is restored. I am alone-all-one am I.


I Need Your Help

It is very stormy in my region of the world…yes the wind is cold and my heart is heavy for I know what lays in my path. But I will not fear nor will I doubt…but by the power of the light of god that never fails I will make the call for what I need to succeed. I have never given up and by the presence of life which I AM I never will. So help me, god! Help now me do this job! This is what you want so make it happen. Amen

Let Us Finish the Game


Hit the Switch!

One of the biggest complaints that I have always had with religion in general is that typically religion provides no practical method by which to deal with the conditions that are in the physical world. If my Christian acquaintances see this video they will no doubt think that I am practicing sorcery. Christians believe that to consciously manipulate the vibratory action of energy is evil.
Yet if we are to accept the miracles performed by Jesus as being a reality then by the very laws of nature itself Jesus absolutely had to use the law of energy and vibration in order to produce ‘miracles’ in the physical world. There would be no way around it…unless of course God and Jesus are separate from everything else in the Universe.
I AM is the one thing that we all have in common. It is our inalienable identity and it is the method by which we proclaim everything we have ever done and/or intend to do. According to the bible I AM is also the name of God. I AM is the intonation that allows us to be self-conscious co-creators with the Source.
The correct intonation of I AM systematically applied will enable us to once again become One with the Source. As you will notice in the audio portion of my video I have yet to master the correct intonation of I AM. Regardless, I have without a shadow of a doubt  proven to myself dozens of times that this method truly works…
However, my personal proof is nothing to you unless you take the time to prove to the power of I AM to yourself, through yourself, and in the affairs of your own personal world. I sincerely hope that someday soon you will join me by experimenting with I AM on your own terms. Thank you for visiting the Light of God Never Fails.


The End of Maya

For some reason I see the end of the Mayan calendar as correlated to the sanskrit meaning of the word ‘maya’ which pertains to the world of illusion. And “illusion” is most definitely what the people of this planet have been submerged in ever since the sinking of Atlantis. Naturally I have my own take on everything…
However, that’s not to say that I think I am right. Nevertheless, since everyone else has thrown their take on the whole ‘end of the world’ thing out there I may as well let my viewpoint be known as well. The way I see it is this: the world as we know it has run it’s full course.
The old cycle ends and thus a new cycle begins…
But the shift will manifest slowly until in a time not too far distant it will become very, very obvious. At that point it will be too late to make any changes in the outcome. Therefore, this is the hour of trial and judgment. This is it. Who will answer the call of the Great Initiator?
Who will stand for ‘we the people’ of Earth? Who among us is ready to become a Sun of God? In your heart you already know…it is the destiny of every human soul. Just imagine this: I AM Christ I AM
May thou now become the Open Door. Thou art blessed for thou art the chosen. Will you accept?

The Silent Watcher


Silence the Bitch

I like this new phase of video posts…it’s the most real I have ever been with anyone in this world. It’s a little scary cause I know that I am giving out the truth of how I really am and how my life is in comparison to the accepted standard. It doesn’t matter what people think so long as I am really trying to do the right thing. For the first time I am free to speak about what really matters to me. I listen to everyone else talk about their way of thinking and for the most part I simply listen, giving forth an unknown blessing. Now at least I won’t blow up and fall apart from keeping myself locked away in silence. God is merciful.The fact that I am still in this body is proof of that.

Be Silent

A Heavy Load

Thank you, Pat. You hit the head on the nail again. You are such an open door that I can’t help but want to do better…and to be better. You hold me on track even in the midst of the storm. Hugs filled with love to ya always, Zor’ra

Source of Inspiration

Lighting the way

Lay down your burden, is
it not a heavy load? It is
you who chooses the task.
You descend into the dark
bringing light to those
who have lost their way.
You descend and can ascend
at any time. The key is
your intention.

Keep in mind that when you
act, you act in my place.
I am transmitting through
your every deed. Your thoughts
are sent to guide you. Beware
that you do not corrupt your
tasks with selfish desires.
They build a wall of
illusion between us.

I can be present in each of
your acts when you allow me
to manifest through you. I am
ever present; I am your very
breath. Your work is not easy
for many remain in darkness.
I am always with you. It is
impossible for you to be alone.
A host of beings stand guard for you.

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