Baby Steps Into A Leap of Faith

There is no place like home. There is no place like home. There is no place like home.  I AM now become one with you, thou great beyond from whence all life comes. I seek freedom but more than aught else I seek a way to master this pathetic outer self.
I had always thought that I was a good person…then one day I began to wonder. What if I have hidden away from my true self for so many lifetimes because I buried away a memory that still shamefully reverberates through the annals of our history?
Are there horrific mistakes in my past that I am responsible for setting right? Or do I take upon myself a responsibility that is an out-manifestation of the karma created by many nations that have come and gone, buried and lost to the outer memory?
Yea, there have been many nations that remain only in the memory of our DNA~haunting us, prompting us to pay attention to what we have learned from the tragic mistakes of our unbridled experimentation with cause, effect and free will.
It doesn’t matter who is to blame for the situation that we find ourselves in during this final hour. We are in this together~the good, the bad, and the condemned to hell. No one will escape the great change that awaits us.
This is my leap of faith based on convictions that must be fully embraced before they can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and found to be worthy of my enduring faith in the Light of God that never fails.

2 comments on “Baby Steps Into A Leap of Faith

  1. Interesting video. I like the use of the black and white reverse and also the martial arts moves which put power and grace into the dance. Regarding you comments, I am not sure I understand all of it so I will just say what came to my mind as I read it. Karma, sins of omission and commission, dark and light duality, good guys and bad guys, guilt and pride, etc. All of these are of the material world and yes, we must experience them. But always, always, we must keep our awareness of who we are at our core being. We are creators of the Creator, He who is perfect in every way. How can we be anything but a hologram of the perfection of our Creator? Therefore any self-deprecation is a waste of energy and a negation of something wonderful that our Creator has made, i.e., you and me and all others. Ponder this a bit, my beautiful sister of the spirit. hugs, pat

    • You are a sweetheart, Pat. My dad always says that I’m too hard on myself, but sometimes I beg to differ. Nevertheless, I do agree with all that you have said my wise sister. All my love to you always, Zor;ra

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