Taming the Beast

I have begun to film the dance again. It’s not entirely clear as to why, or what I’ll do with the footage…mostly it amounts to little more than a hassle. Except for every once in a while when there comes the buzz of inspiration, a recurring revelation…’this is an element which needs to be to added to the mix’.
But filming is usually a complication waiting to happen. Especially when it’s time to edit. I don’t want to mess with that crap. I’m an imperfect perfectionist…ergo, I drive myself nuts over what isn’t perfect. Therein lies the test, as well as the blessing. This an opportunity to master the ego…
Running the video camera while I’m practicing ‘the chi’ brings an element into the mix that forces me to focus…and overcome the human self. It creates the challenge of remaining wholly unconcerned about my ‘image’…the image that is a blatant falsehood, the facade that hides the reality of the Great I AM within…
Every step that I take, every move that I make, every way that I am guided by the Force, must remain balanced…in time to the breath of the One Source. Every single step of the dance must remain FREE~unblemished by the benighted human ego that wants to rush out, bluster about, and take control of the show.
I must tame the outer self and make it obedient to the inner flow of God…abiding above as the guardian Angel. It is the Holy Spirit, the Great Comforter that has been sent to save us from ourselves. It is the cure for what ails every tormented soul. It’s better than drugs, it’s better than sex…it’ even better than rock n roll. Amen


2 comments on “Taming the Beast

  1. I was thinking this week that I would love to see a clip of you dancing. Do post a sample for us. I would think having the camera running would make it VERY difficult to let go of “lookin’ good.” On the other hand, great feedback for you to analyze. hugs, pat

    • LOL I have been learning to get past the image thing. It comes in two forms…personal appearance and performance quality. I don’t mind if I look like crap so long as the performance is hooked in. But that’s the trick, it’s all about the essence, the spirit. None of the steps are choreographed or even rehearsed, which is not the way most dance is done. It took me a year and half to let go of the old way of dance training. I have a clip which I recorded on the same day that I received the revelation about learning a new dance. And it was the last time that I improvised for over a year…dumb me, I thought I was supposed to learn the steps…finally I have figured out that I didn’t need to think about the steps at all, except to stay in sync with the pulse of Creation.
      I figure that at some point I will begin to use clips in my posts…maybe a highlights of the day thing…very short…30 sec to a min maybe. But I want to make sure that I am doing it to help others to follow their own promptings and delve within for the spiritual path that will work best for them…I don’t believe that people need teachers, or someone to tell them how to do this, that, or the other…they just need to see people like us blaze the trail, and be strong examples of true righteousness. That’s tricky tho…true right-use-ness. I need to simply practice, practice, practice invoking the force, (which I haven’t done like I should) then every moment of the dance will become the essence of the Sacred Fire, just from the momentum of constant use and it will in turn bring some manner of enlightenment to anyone who views it. If it doesn’t do that then I have mis-qualified the energy and it is worthless to the Source. Right now it is very fragile because I have only just begun to come to that place where I know I can make a real difference. I shall post that old clip and you can tell me what you think. Much love to you dear Pat.

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