Stand: About-Face the Oppression

I have actually managed to be steadfast in my practice of the dance. But I’m not sure that I can really call it a dance anymore because I am beginning to see why I was told to forget what I knew of the dance and to focus on the forms of martial art.
I am learning to forget the ego, to forget the movements, to forget the image, to forget everything that is not useful in my service to the Light…I am learning to accelerate, without ripping apart the delicate tides of natural balance…
Sometimes I think that I must look kind of silly, but why should I care? My family and friends think nothing of passing the time by playing video games, watching movies, or whatever else it is that floats the boat of their ideological fantasies…
I have no hobbies…entertainment doesn’t interest me…I have only my passion…everything I do is directly connected to my spiritual convictions. I practice what I call ‘the chi’…it is a ‘martial’ dance…I really haven’t decided what to call it yet…
But it doesn’t matter what I call it if I am too intimidated to master it due to the fact that someone is always watching me, or interrupting me, or even just wishing with all their hearts that I would behave like a normal person for once…
I am no good to myself or anyone else if I’m not strong enough to follow through with the job that I was sent here to do. But very often people like myself are typified as paranoid schizophrenics…lost in delusion.
I can’t be concerned about other people’s opinions anymore. I’ve already been down that road. People have all kinds of opinions about everything…so far I haven’t seen one single opinion that can match the passion that burns inside of me.
So, why sell myself out again? And for what? I owe it to myself, to my Source, and to all those who have struggled endlessly to spread their delicate wings…striving to rise above the oppression…desperately seeking to be free from tyranny…
Freedom will never be found while bowing to the doctrines of human conformity.

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2 comments on “Stand: About-Face the Oppression

  1. “so far I haven’t seen one single opinion that can match the passion that burns inside of me” Where is the button that says, “Bravo!” I once had a guide whisper, “Don’t ever let someone steal your joy, Pat.” May I say the same to you, “Never, EVER, let anyone daunt in the slightest this passion you have. How rare for a person to have such passion and even more rare for someone to have the courage to act on it in the face of opposition. The other BRAVO in this post is: “Freedom will never be found while bowing to the doctrines of human conformity!” Jeez., wish I had said that. You stated it perfectly, Zee, we must neither conform, nor compromise when we know our truth. The day of the Emperor’s New Clothes is over. “The man is naked and a fool!” Let’s say it loud and clear. In case you can’t tell, I love this post. Keep ’em coming. You inspire me. hugs and banana kisses, pat

    • Thank you so much, Pat…you give me far more honor than I deserve, I’m sure. I will endeavor to give my level best effort to remember your kind words of sage encouragement. The hardest part about not allowing myself to become oppressed (or depressed) is feeling like no one understands or cares. I’m not sure how long I could have continued on if I had not started this blog and discovered that there are others who share the vision and strive for the same great cause. With all my heart, I thank and bless you for being exactly who you are. Zee

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