Bursts of Rapid Fire/Steady As She Goes

I feel like I have been working out this formula for about 100,000 years now. But at least I’m still alive…maybe even able to work it out, so I dare not complain. It’s all about the inner mechanism, building the perfect weapon, if you will…it’s the vision, the application of the Law, which has been my life’s endless pursuit, the goal towards which I constantly drive…
I remember Saint Germain once saying that sometimes it is easier to release quick bursts of energy rather than trying to maintain a constant flow of energy in one’s daily application of the Law. I have done it both ways, and although I prefer the idea of being as steadfast as a 24/7 jackhammer program, sometimes that is more the human mind can endure, especially if it’s fatigued, agitated, or easily distracted.
I have constantly struggled with keeping up a systematic application that never falters. It’s strange. It is as if the inside of my mind has become like one of those helmets that are worn in the science fiction movies. When the Predator or Robocop look at our world they see an overlay of images which delves much deeper than the naked eye can go. It’s their way of looking at things interdimensionally.
I’m not a computer so my mind doesn’t automatically load the correct information or images like a computer would do when programmed to do so. Not unless I can successfully program my outer self, which is the OS of my personal world. So, I have to design a program that I can load with so much ease that it will quickly become a habit, which is the auto-mode of human nature. Then I might actually get somewhere…
Robocop (redux)

Robocop (redux) (Photo credit: davesag)


2 comments on “Bursts of Rapid Fire/Steady As She Goes

  1. Actually, it is easier than we think. A Mexican shaman taught that we can give ourselves a suggestion while in the other dimensional states. With this trigger, we can, at any moment, gives ourselves the signal, e.g., put our finger and thumb together, and instantly be in the Force where we have abilities that are far beyond our daily limitations. One need not maintain a steady state as long as we stay present and call upon the Force with our prearranged signal. This state can be used in common everyday things or for more serious applications like healing. Love that you are posting more often as I always learn so much from you. hugs, pat

    • That’s really cool! I like that idea. Thank you. I shall try it out. I have noticed that my fingers have triggers or points that I have been using naturally. That makes perfect sense…and it may be the link I have been looking for to complete the circuit. The trigger grounds the Force and makes it constantly active-without discharging or weakening…or something like that…I’ll have to work on it…if I need more intel, let me know…thank you so much, Pat! Big hugs and lots of love to you always, Zor’ra

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