No More Sorrow

Turn back time
Make all things right
Forgive what never should have been…
Forget all the sin
Open wide the door
Through the mind let it pour…
You are free
Free forevermore…
No more sorrow
The Quantum of Silence


6 comments on “No More Sorrow

  1. There is a twirling ritual that induces a trance state that allows mediums of the religion Umbunda to incorporate human and animal spirits. Spinning has long been practiced as a meditation and to enter other dimensions. I was invited to join the spinner mediums and was amazed at the results. As always, your posts delight me.

    • Yes, I am aware of this practice and I guess that’s why I chose those pictures…they were the closest I could find to showing what I am trying to convey about the dance that I have been learning to use in my experiment with quantum mechanics. The trance state is similar to what I have come to refer to in my own practice as the quantum of silence…it is a place in which all things are possible-it is the like unto ‘rapture’, but there is no loss of the control over the outer senses. Much love to you always, dear Pat…

      • Yes, your description is the state that we experience when we enter another dimension. I am seeing that many things can be used to trigger this, especially once we come to recognize it and have experience using it. bjs, pat

      • I have begun to wonder if the triggers are naturally inherent in our mechanism, or if perhaps we are required to create them on our own. I am prone to think that they are natural, but must be used frequently, just like we would build physical muscles, in order for them to become extraordinarily powerful and wholly obedient to our command. Oceans of love and thanks, Zor’ra

  2. I find that both are true. There are inherent triggers such as music, dance, creativity that will shift us into these states. There are also conscious triggers we can establish and use which also help us enter the Force. Probably the fact that we are expecting something like sudden visualizations of unicorns and ETs keeps us from accepting that we already make these shifts. There seems to be levels which have come with a wide range of possibilities. The more we use this Force, the stronger it becomes and the more we understand how to use it. That being said, it is like an infant trying to drive a state-of-the-art spaceship. Still, we are learning and growing at an astounding rate. This Force is available to everyone…not just “spiritual” people. oodles of love and light and a big hug, pat

    • You have written volumes in one comment, my dear friend. May God Bless you beyond your fondest dreams and expand the wisdom that you bring us. Zor’ra

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