The Rite of Spring 2013

It’s mondo ironic in a woo woo kind of way. Life is so amazing. Please allow me to explain…the 1913 production of Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring had a profound effect upon my consciousness. In fact, I was practically obsessed with it back in the day when I was in training to become a pro-dancer. But the Rite of Spring was to be put away for a very long winter…
The dance gig never came to pass. God asked me to give up the dance. It was a gut-wrenching test for me, but in the midst of my dismay, God promised me one thing…”You will never lose it.” He said.
Quite frankly, it didn’t help much at the time, but I never forgot the promise because God never breaks his promises. So, I kind of stored it away and rebelliously waited…for almost 20 years. In ’06 I received the directive that I should start using rhythmic physical motion whenever I made my calls and went about the process of setting the Cosmic Law into action.
I found right away that it made a huge difference in the amount of energy that I could release for any given purpose. Plus it was a lot more fun…(joy is the motor of Life and lack of joy leads to pedaling uphill through the tundra)…as time progressed I found that I would experience moments of extraordinary enlightenment when I was doing my ‘dance for the cause’ routine. I was also learning to dance in a new way…
New to me, but in truth this dance is very ancient…I was told to forget everything that I knew about ‘dance’. I was to focus entirely on what little of knew of the martial arts. Somewhere along the path I realized that I had tapped into something which was propelling the dance. All I had to do was be poised enough to catch the inner rhythm and allow it to come through without interruption.
Shortly before God dropped the bombshell all those years ago, about the fact that he wanted me to give up the dance, I had discovered that there was a pulse that came from the Earth…similar to a heartbeat, but it also has a steady pendulum-like swing, which makes it possible to dance in a way that has not been widely practiced among humans for centuries…
I had felt it as a current of energy that was distinctly outside the current of energy which flows directly into us from the Heart of the Source. This exterior current, which I think of as Ch’i, comes from the Heart of the Earth. Bruce Lee knew how to tap into it, as do many others, but for the most part it has been used without the understanding of the underlying key-element of the double Tetraktys…or so it seems.
For many years now I have been a Pythagorean groupie, so that’s how I came across the Tetraktys. In my studies, and in the work I do using the Merkavah, I eventually found that the Tetraktys was the visual breakdown of how to get inside of system of the Merkavah, and get a better, more simplistic look at what’s under the hood…hello, there, tantra of the Mystic Tetrad
Over the years, I had managed to set the Merkavah into action without even being aware of it, simply by holding my attention steadily focused within the center of a luminous, living, mind’s-eye image of the hexagram, thereby invoking the Source of All Creation through affirmation.
The awareness of the double Tetraktys, as it is held within the hexagram, creates a bulls-eye, so to speak, within the matrix of the geometrics…foregoing the need to decipher the numerology and waste energy worrying about little the details that seem to be little more than the ‘letter that killeth‘ rather than serving as the ‘spirit which giveth life’.
It came as a pleasant surprise to discover that the way that I have been trained to dance is very similar to the Dance of Shiva and Shakti. Actually it is the same type of dance, but I learned it directly from the Source, so my forms are somewhat different. Plus, in addition to being a slacker, I have a tendency to be ubber-American in attitude and presentation…then there is the little problem of my being spiritually ADHD…
Nevertheless, the technique of this dance is based on the process which I term the Tetraktys-mode Kabbalah, all physical action abiding always within the synchronicity of the Flower of Life. It’s our use of the Ch’i, gathered (from above and below) and directed into the geometric images (held focused in our minds eye) that literally makes the Merkavah (our ride back to the Most High) come to Life…easy as pie…
Except for the fact that I feel like an alien and have come to realize that, technically, I am one. I guess that would explain why nobody wants to play ball with me. Earthlings prefer video games to quantum theosophy. Nevertheless, the Rite of Spring is about to roll on the big picture screen of hard reality. Hopefully, I won’t cry like a great big baby through the whole thing.


2 comments on “The Rite of Spring 2013

  1. Well, this post has been up for awhile and I am the first to “like” or comment. Hmmm. Cuz something or someone guided me to this post. It explained many things about what I understood but could not “explain” to myself while watching you dance, (Into the Void) or was that Tai Chi you were doing? or was that Indian temple dance or was that moving about the room in your Merkavah? Now, I understand it was all of that plus mathematics of a certain kind. Very interesting and I mean that with all sincerity and complimentary. By the way — we’re all aliens here — but only a few of us know it and then only a few of those will admit it. So can be kinda lonely at times.

    I know that was hard (as in excruciatingly painful) to give up your dance. I gave up singing. I haven’t found my new path yet but I believe it will come. You, however, have discovered (remembered) something truly unique and wondrous within you that has taken what you learned of dance and evolved it on a quantum level. Kudos to you, Dear One! What a blessing and a gift you are in this emerging world. This post is aptly named, as the energies of this New Age, beginning in 2013 are ripe for YOUR Rite of Spring. Where and When will you perform it? Thank you, Alia

    PS — If you can’t find a performance venue, or your audience seems thin, I invite you to dance in any of the main temples in Aurora — 5D City of Light. We would be honored to have you anytime.

    • hello Alia,
      very interesting that you should see so deeply. i could have never explained it as you did without feeling like i was breaking too many rules to be taken seriously. people either get it or they don’t. mostly they don’t. i knew there was something extraordinarily unique about you. may i ask (and i apologize for i rarely ask personal questions so feel free to ignore this) why did you give up your song or was it another’s song you surrendered? do you catch my drift? please forgive if i am too forward. i sense in you a remarkable talent. such power. perhaps like myself you are being prepared for higher level of performance? anyway i am firmly convinced that song and dance are intrinsically combined in the age we have entered. this ‘rite of spring’ is not mine but yours. it is ours. there are many and we performing it this very moment. it is the quickening brought to a perfect pitch and when we hit the crescendo all together we will declare, “it is finished! onward to the next level!” it never ends.

      as for my individual service it is and has always been a work in progress. i feel like a mad scientist trying out all the little formulas until i hit upon something really useful. but it’s constantly evolving. i have been a rather lousy soldier in that i don’t march well for long periods due to the loneliness of having no compatriots. that was the biggest struggle with leaving the dance world. i was always inspired because i had colleagues back then. i’m beginning to feel connected again with people who inspire me. i shall take a look at your link. i confess i’m kind of head-shy from seeing so much unkindness from one to another. the blogosphere has proven to have much better manners than the world we deal with in our personal lives. such a pleasure to make your acquaintance. may this be the beginning of new adventure worth living, zorra

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