The Discipline-Which Part of “Shut Up” Didn’t You Get?

I can’t believe that I still haven’t conquered these issues that keep hindering me into yet another pathetic struggle for mere survival. I mean, how clear can it get? Simple rules, repeated oft enough…I don’t even need to write them down anymore…
But then again, the rules I am given are not the easiest rules on the planet…
1. SILENCE~speak not unless spoken to, except on a needs to be said basis, give out no personal information…
Understanding this rule of silence, how to master it, apply it and yet continue to function in the real world, constantly associating with real people, none of whom are living under the same discipline…this means that I must constantly keep a tight reign on my outer self, the restless, snorting steed of need that’s ready to bolt out of the gate at the least provocation…especially considering that I love to talk it up with the best of ’em.
The rule of silence leaves absolutely no room for ego, or even for the simple act of jesting around in good fun, because lack of absolute control over the outer self allows the sinister force sneak in…here, there, everywhere…then later on, when I least expect it…the rat’s start to gnaw away inside the pillows and piss on my halo. And when I try to figure out how in the Hell I let the vermin get in, wouldn’t you know it, a good two-thirds of the time it’s because I didn’t have my guard up absolut 100 proof when I was chit-chatting a little too loosely two days ago, or whenever. Crickey!
I know it sounds ridiculous to most people in the outer world, I’m sure, but anyone who knows anything about intensive spiritual training will get the gist of what I’m talking about. But in most cases, people who live under the same type of discipline as myself are living in caves, or temples, or anywhere BUT right out here in the midst of the chaos, locked-down in the mega-illusion dome that seems to be designed to kill everything eventually.
I tell you, though, the hardest part of it all is in not letting my sarcasm and twisted sense of humor get out of the corral. I have to admit that there are times when I’ll wait for the opportunity…”OK, I have to respond verbally to what this person is saying, so this is my opportunity to jab ’em the ribs with my ornery stick of sarcastic truth, because that’s what really needs to be said!”…and I don’t seem to get in trouble for that, so long as I don’t get carried away and start going farther than ‘needs to be said’…
The Master Morya is well known for his rapier wit, and he did say that without a keen sense of humor no one would ever survive the intensity of the esoteric spiritual path…
It’s a tough balancing act, but I understand the reasons for it. Even if I don’t like it so much. And I guess I did kind of volunteer to traverse the razor’s edge…you know, to see how much a human can take before going triple-dog-insane…I’m going to shut up already. Some days I really do wish that I were a machine. Amen.

Credit: David Anrias


4 comments on “The Discipline-Which Part of “Shut Up” Didn’t You Get?

  1. Oh, how I struggle with this one, too. Speak only when spoken to and then only the bare minimum. No personal information….like that one. Give no advice. Don’t we love to do this. Thank you for this excellent reminder that the spiritual path must be walked in silent contemplation. I am going to add Internet contact as a source of blather that I need to curtail…mine and others. hugs, pat

    • Sometimes I think it would be easier to live under the vow of total silence, then there would be no room for error. Then again, there would not be the challenge of mastering the outer self, which is what gives us the opportunity to advance more quickly. Thank you, Pat! Much love to you always.

  2. Very interesting… Even as a non-believer, I find myself thinking along these lines, of discipline in the seeking of my own path — a sort of spiritual path based on science though not identical to it, and derived from the writings of well-known writers like Paul Kurtz, Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman. How fascinating it is that people of widely divergent perspectives can think so much alike — then again, we’re all the same species.

    • Thank you, Troy! That means a lot coming from you. I struggle constantly to make everything that I do spiritually agree with science-through proven experiment. I have been seeking a way to reconcile the process of spiritual evolution with the scientific application of the laws of nature.

      One of the great masters once said, “the Law works but you have to know how to work it”. The ‘believers’ of the world seem to forget that they can’t make their cars, computers, etc. operate on faith and scripture, so why would anything else in the universe operate that way?

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