Smile-You Are On the Hit-List Again

To the Source of All Creation and the Lords of Karma,
You already know full well what my problem is…now I need to use enough common sense (what’s that?) to ask for that which only you can give. I have asked you for strength constantly and I have always had enough strength to make it through in spite of my best efforts to be the ultimate failure. I think that it is time that I ask for more than just strength.
Maybe I need to ask for more wisdom, so that I don’t make such stupid-is-anybody-alive-in-there-choices. Or maybe I need to love you more than I covet the fickle acceptance of other humans. Maybe I need to ask for a miracle, so that I can change my age-old habits-or even the old catalyst trick…anything that will keep me focused long enough to break through the barriers that still limit my happiness.
I’m tired of struggling with struggle, and I’ll bet that you are quite well practiced at waiting for me to figure out which way is up. Duh, dum dum. I cannot do this without you. That’s obvious. Whatever it is that you know that I require to be unwavering in my determination, please, do thou supply me with it abundantly. I need it 5 years ago. I need it last century. Please.
I absolutely refuse to fail you again. Make me then the Light of God that never fails. Slap me upside the head every time I forget to call for your constant Presence to abide within me, through me, and around me. Let me become only what you are in every thought, feeling and spoken word.
Make my free will nothing but your obedient servant. And please keep the rope really, really short this time…I wouldn’t want to risk hanging myself all over again. You already know my track record. I don’t mind using training wheels, taking baby steps, or being set straight by your Rod of Wise Counsel. I am not but what you are, you are all that I AM. Thank you. Amen


2 comments on “Smile-You Are On the Hit-List Again

    • Thank you, Pat. I really appreciate your continued support. This blogging gig can be a little tricky and kinda fickle, but with you around I know that I won’t be totally rejected for making changes. All my love to you! Zor’ra

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