Another Prayer from the Trenches of Existence

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

So, how do I go about making myself tow the line when I find that I can’t remember why it is that I’m supposed to be towing the line in the first place. Should I make a list of everything I need to remember? Or should I just do it already?
I know that you already know the answer to every question. Why haven’t you been using the answer that was given? Why haven’t you been abiding by the Word of the One Source? Why do you ask me for what I have already given you?
I ask you again and again because obviously I need to be reminded, but if I thought of you as often as I think of my problems, then I would no doubt remember what I have so easily forgotten. Forgive me, Father. Forgive me…again?
Just keep trying, my child. Keep aspiring. Never give up the cause of your mission. You already know the answers to your own questions. Abide with me always-dwell in the Great Silence. Know who I AM. That is all that is required.
Read the text. A symbol of the eight fold path...

Read the text. A symbol of the eight fold path “Arya Magga” (the noble path of the dhamma) in Buddhism. An intricate representation of the Dharmachakra, or Buddhist eight spoked Wheel. Dhamma or Dharma (Photo credit: saamiblog)


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