Saint Sick In the Head Freak

The other day some of my associates were laughing at St.Francis, because they didn’t understand why he would talk to animals. That’s where I got the title for this post. They said he was sick in the head and a freak. I was kind of surprised at their attitude, although I am finally getting used to these little ruse-or-reality checkpoints. 😀
However, I don’t think that my associates meant it in a cruel way. They just couldn’t fathom St.Francis’ purpose. It didn’t make any sense to them. They don’t seem to understand that he didn’t talk to animals in the same way that humans typically talk to animals…nor even in the same way that humans typically talk to other humans.
St.Francis talked to the animals from within the Heart of Pure Divine Love. He talked to them using the Almighty Word for he had learned to stand One with the Source. That’s how St.Francis performed what we term miracles.
Saint Francis talked to the animals with the Electronic Force of Life that flows from the Heart, the Head, and the Hand. And that Force is master over all by the Great Command of Pure Love. That’s why they obeyed him. All Life obeys the behest of Divine Love. For all Life seeks this Love and would do anything to have it if they only understood how to reconcile a miracle with reality.
The animals didn’t obey St.Francis because he sat down and tried to reason with them in the way that humans understand the faculty and action of reasoning. No, I’m quite sure he didn’t have that kind of a chat with the animals. Although, animals are probably easier to reason with than most of the humans I know. How about you? Has that been your experience? 😉
I really, really wish that I could find a way to convey this understanding as I have come to know it through my own experience. Or maybe what I really should do is work it out for myself by writing it all out so that I’ll have a better way with which to out-reason my outer self when it’s starts acting worse than an animal.
Anyway, I guess that I’ll just keep practicing at this writing gig and listen with all my Heart to the Voice that will be the answer for all the questions on this test of existence. Maybe I’ll even learn how to honestly (and humbly) share with others what little I know…if I know anything at all. Only time will tell.


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