The Journey Continues…

Back when I first started this blog, I didn’t have much of a clue as to what I was going to do with it. At first it was just a lot of fun, the first time I’d had fun in over two years. Sound pathetic? Yes it is, I know.
Then I experienced the exhilaration of having someone ‘like’ one of my posts. Then I got a follower, then three followers. Wow! Every single like and follow has counted immeasurably. Truly. You have no idea.
But in the midst of all this wonderful acceptance, something rather odd happened…
I didn’t know what to say anymore. Or should I say, I was afraid that if I didn’t keep saying or being exactly what I had already been doing, then I might disappoint someone…or look stupid. Now that’s funny!
Good God! Same old story…the little ol’me still  afraid of the big ‘bad’ me…and what people might think of my so-called ‘supernatural-reality-drama’.  Caught up once again in the whirlwind, just another crash and burn waiting to be born.
But this blog is nothing if it is not the chronicle of what is happening in my world as I deal with the rest of the world. If I can’t be real here, in my own blog, then how freaking real am I in any way whatsoever…even to myself?
This is me, facing me, and all of the little flaws become monsters, waiting impatiently to be resurrected into something worth being…
I share this for my own sanity…I share it because I have no one else with which to share my story, and that’s probably how it’s meant to be.
Sounds kind of silly, doesn’t it? But at least I am finally learning to be true to ME, without apologies-no excuses. So, the journey continues…where will it lead me?


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