Dark Knight Surprise

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Back in the days before Batman began his rocky rise in the new era fame, I had the pleasure of meeting another dark warrior from whom Batman must have stolen part of his costume design.
It all started in a wheatfield (or what looked like a wheatfield), except that the stalks of grain were almost over the top of my head. I was running as fast as my legs would carry me, but it wasn’t fast enough.
I couldn’t shake the terrifying locomotive rush of the tank-sized black-armored warrior who seemed Hell-bound determined to crush me painfully into oblivion.
No matter how I dodged and darted, there was no way to escape this unknown armored assailant. Strange thing, though, every time that I thought he’d finally nail me, he’d screech to a blinding halt and wait.
Then I’d run like a screaming wind…around and around it went…
Finally, I realized that if I just stopped running it wouldn’t attack but neither would it leave. Now what? I was horrified and fascinated all at once. Tick, tick, tock…
I couldn’t see any part of his face because it was covered by the visor of his wicked helmet. His entire suit of armor seemed to be constructed from one piece of blended metal and rubber that moved along with it’s dreaded occupant like a second skin.
I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know what was under that strangely enigmatic helmet, but alternately staring at and running from what looked like a medieval incarnation of the Terminator wasn’t going last forever.
At last, I desperately demanded that he show me his hidden face. His helmet went through a smooth metamorphic shift that revealed only a pair of familiar eyes. I couldn’t believe it. My own eyes stared out at me…
Many years have passed. Still I have to yet to be the conqueror, but I didn’t know what strategy to use til now…
There it waits…the Dweller on the Threshold…
Will I be the conqueror, or the conquered? Well, probably both. After all, we are One.


2 comments on “Dark Knight Surprise

  1. Intriguing. The thing about fear is that it seems so real but the moment you call its bluff, it backs down. So much of our life is governed by our fear until we learn the illusion of it all. Good write as always, Thanks! hugs, pat

    • Tis so true! The moment we stand and face our fears, that very moment they cease to hunt us and become yet another opportunity to prevail. Much love you always, Zor’ra

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